Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Christmas Orange--(a little more irreverant than the tale you know)

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This picture (of me and my brother Bobby) doesn't really have all that much to do with the post, but I get a kick out of the expression on Santa's face.  Not all that thrilled to be there, is he? (Of course, to be fair, we're not exactly jumping out of our skins with excitement either)

The other day,  I was looking at our (now long gone) bag of Clementines, and I got thinking about how citrus fruits and Christmas are often in bounteous supply in my home (and many other homes) at the same time, and how that's a little bit odd.

And that got me thinking about how, when I was little, my Grandpa and Grandma Corry used to give us a case of Sunkist oranges at Christmas every year, and how my mom would put the case under the tree, since it was a rare treat to get Sunkist oranges, and they were a Christmas present after all.

And that got me thinking about a certain December evening when my mom was out somewhere, and my dad was taking care of us, and somehow we got him juggling for us, and then we got him to start teaching us to juggle, right there in the living room.  Only, there weren't enough balls or beanbags, or whatever we were using for all of us to juggle at the same time.  So, he (thinking of the oranges) told us that there was something else in the room that we could use, but that we probably shouldn't, but if we could figure out what it was, then he'd let us use them.  So, eventually we figured out that he was talking about the oranges, and we got him to open them up and then we had a grand old time tossing oranges in the air and trying to catch them and juggle them, and it turned into one of my favorite (though admittedly, not always at the front of my mind) holiday memories.

And that got me thinking about my mom's living room, and wondering if she ever knew about that night (and the few others that followed it over the years), and realizing that if she did, she probably had her priorities more where I would like mine to be, since right now the thought of Eric and an eight-year old Heather juggling oranges (or Clementines) in our living room when I'm out for the evening gives me an uneasy feeling in my stomach, and we don't even have carpet that is worth saving.

And that made me remember that Eric's not a juggler.


(Incidentally, now that I've posted this here, my guess is that either my dad is going to be in (a little bit of) trouble for something he did 25+ years ago, or my mom will tell me that she knew all along, and was "picking her battles.")

(I can hardly wait to find out which.)


Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Love it, I laughed and laughed and I can totally see Dad saying "if you can figure it out the you can use them." Too funny!!

Tasha said...

The nice thing about using oranges for juggling practice is they are significantly more resilient than other produce, say apples, plums, peaches and more appropriate for beginners than bananas. When you are truly in trouble is when they think they are good enough to upgrade to melons.

deutschlehrer said...

or old tomatoes.

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