Monday, November 22, 2010

You are the Sunflower Seeds in my Salad Bar of Life

Can I just say how appreciative I am of all you lion watchers?  Seeing these pictures of lions from all  over the world, in museums, cities, countries, random driveways, and everywhere else is one of the little joys that make my life extra enjoyable.

(Kind of like when you go through a salad bar and they have sunflower seeds at the end, you know?  Nothing makes a salad extra special like sunflower seeds.  You wouldn't want a whole salad of just sunflower seeds, and I don't really want a whole life that is just stone lions.  But, the sunflower seeds and the lions made the rest of the salad and the rest of the life all the more enjoyable.  So thanks.) 

My long-time friend Macayla recently took what looks like an extra-grand vacation to Hawaii with her husband.  While she was there, she snapped these pictures for our viewing pleasure.  If you'd like to read her post (and really, who wouldn't?)  you can go here.

This wooden lion:

quirky 11-10

is poised outside of this establishment:
quirky 11-10

which is located beneath this feature on this mountain:
quirky 11-10

Hear me now:  If I ever make it to Hawaii, 
I will eat at the Crouching Lion Inn Bar & Grill. 

(Thanks Macayla!)


Harmony said...

Hmmm. Jeri must not have known about this place. :-)

Heather Albee-Scott said...

I have yet to actually send you a photo of all the lions we are seeing here in Jackson, but please know that whenever I see one I think of you! I found one in our neighborhood the other day that is a bit different from the ordinary lion statue - made me smile!

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