Sunday, November 14, 2010

that's my girl

It's Random Video Week Again!


This video isn't exactly random, but I've been meaning to get it posted up here for a few days, and so I'm taking the opportunity to kick off RVW today with this little gem. 

Earlier this week, I was upstairs doing a little bit of de-cluttering (which is something that I loathe thinking about, but once I actually get in there and do it, I quite enjoy.)  I had the CD player in the bathroom cranked up kind of loud, because I was working in the bedroom, and everyone knows that any kind of housework goes better if you've got some peppy tunes going, and they've got to be going loud enough so you can sing along without drowning out the actual singers.  (Right?  Please tell me you agree!)

After a while, I noticed that Heather was no longer hanging out on the bed, looking through storybooks.  I went in search of her, and this is what I found:  (I snuck downstairs to get the camera before the show ended)


That kid cracks me up. 

(FYI:  The music you hear is a song called "Road to Moscow", written and recorded by the mostly-disbanded-but-apparently-still-sometimes-performing-because-I-just-found-out-they-have-a-new-album-out as of September band, Colors)


Jake said...

Those are some nice moves.

Bamamoma said...

She delighted us all with some awesome moves on Friday. I got some footage, I'll have to share it with you. She is a boogie-baby!
I love how when it is over she leaves the "stage."

Melissa said...

I can't believe she kept dancing once she knew you were watching. That girl is a star in the making :)

Jeri said...

that girl's got the moves!

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