Friday, November 26, 2010

laughing and hugging and eating

A random list of the highs and lows of my Thanksgiving:


  • Amy's pan of pecan-topped yams.
  • Lindsay's stuffing, made from her grandmother's famous recipe.  
  • Beverly's green salad (as usual).
  • Having twelve adults and seventeen kids (ages 10 and under) all within one room.
  • Listening to the story of the time that Scott and Lindsay went to pick up a free piano in a small town in Minnesota, with a friend who had a too-small truck.  The piano fell out of the truck, ruining the piano and seriously denting the truck.  I laughed so hard at that story, I nearly started crying.
  • Teasing Eli about a monster in the backyard.
  • Getting hugs from most of my Cantwell nieces and nephews as thanks for the (eight) pies I brought.
  • Chatting and chatting and chatting with the Cantwell girls.

Not as highs, but definitely not lows:
  • Getting busted for bringing only eight pies when it was known that I had made nine.  (I left a french silk in our fridge at home, not wanting to share.)(Ohhh the shame of it all!)
  • Having twelve adults and seventeen kids (ages 10 and under) all within one room.
  • Putting a very tired, grumpy, irrational Heather to bed at the end of the night.

All in all, a glorious day, and a great way to kick off the holiday season.

FYI, the pie breakdown was as follows:

  • Two Lemon Meringue (which I made by following the directions on the back of the pudding box)(Lemon Meringe is a Cantwell favorite)
  • Two  Key Lime (which I made using Steve's recipe.  You can read a semi-funny story about that recipe here.)
  • Two Apple Crumb (for which I used my mom's canned pie filling)
  • One Coconut Creme (again, using Jello pudding and pie filling mix)
  • Two French Silk (only one made it to Thanksgiving dinner)
You might be thinking to yourself, "Geesh!  That's a lot of pie for around 30 people."  You're right.  But, old habits die hard, and on my side of the family, the pies are in some ways, more important than the turkey.  (Blasphemy!) We like to have enough pie for seconds, thirds, and if possible, perhaps even breakfast the next morning.

Then, when it's all over, we're all burned out on pie and don't have it again for another year.  But oh, what joy those 24 hours of pie gluttony bring!

Oh-and just in case you're getting overly impressed with me and my cooking abilities, let me remind you that I don't make my own crusts (because really, when you can buy two perfectly good frozen crusts for $1.89, why spend the time and money to make the sub-par kind that I turn out?), and that over half of my pies used a mix or prepared filling. 

And now, after a glorious day, it's time to go to bed.

(No picture today.  I'm too lazy/stuffed/sleepy to find one.)


Jake said...

No pumkin? No pecan? I'm starting to wonder if we're even related.

Charlotte said...

You like Pumpkin? I hate it. Like really, really hate it. Are we actually related?

As to pecan--I was planning on it, but got overwhelmed. So, I asked Eric which his family liked more, pecan or apple. He said apple (and then I found out AT Thanksgiving that his sister loves pecan. Now I know.)

Anonymous said...

Do you think there is any chance I could get that recipe for the stuffing?

My grandmother passed away and I've tried for years to recreate her's and every year it's a solid failure!

Charlotte said...

Probably. It's not my recipe (or my grandmother's recipe), but if you'll send me an e-mail to charlottelaughs at gmail dot com, I'll see if I can get it from my SIL and send it on to you.

deutschlehrer said...

pie is WAY more important than the turkey. That goes double for pecan pie, especially if it is made from the last of the pecans picked from your tree in Texas--the only thing besides smoked brisket for Thanksgiving that is worth missing about Texas.

T said...

Pie is most important at our Thanksgivings. It sounds like we need to coerce you into coming to ours next year. My brother makes splendid pumpkin pies--and you could make the rest :)

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