Monday, November 15, 2010

I really wonder if that kid has any lines, or if he's just ad libbing it the whole time.

It's the second annual random video week here in quirksville.

Here are three short but absolutely hilarious videos.  I put these on my "favorite list" about ten months ago, and I still go back to watch them again and again.  My personal favorite is the first one, but the second and third are not too shabby either.

Happy Monday!



Melissa said...

My favorite was the last one. Especially the Tee Hee Hee at the end :)

Jeri said...

those are ADORABLE!

Melissa said...

I like the snotty doctor. - this is Jacob I'm just to lazy to sign Melissa out.

Bamamoma said...

I love the last one. "we doin' bihsniss here."

Just for giggles, the security "word" I have to type in is sewsesto. I think I'm going to start calling myself that whenever I get in a sewing frenzy. "I'm the great sewsesto!"

thanks for a fun FHE. I love being moms together! I love that our little girls are such cute friends.

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