Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All Stop Motion All the Time

It's the second annual random video week here in quirksville.

Today it's all about stop motion.

This one is my favorite:

And this one is Eric's selection:

(Note #1 about Eric's--it's 8 minutes long, but repeats once.  So, once you hit around 4:15 or so, you can stop watching if you wish.)

(Note #2 about Eric's--this isn't actually his favorite selection.  His favorite selection can be viewed here, but it included too many illustrated heads being cut off for me to feel good about posting it here.  When I told Eric this, he decided that he was going to start his own blog (apparently forgetting that he already has his own blog), so that it could be the "alternative to Charlotte blog", and he could post whatever he wanted, without regard to my squeamishness.)(I'm not holding my breath.)

1 comment:

deutschlehrer said...

I happen to have been to Ault Park Pavilion in Cincinnati. It was about 5 minutes from our apartment. It's a very nice place for a wedding.

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