Wednesday, November 17, 2010

About a week and a half too late to be useful, but still fun.

It's the second annual random video week here in quirksville.

I saw this video a few weeks ago (right before daylight savings).  It totally cracks me up, and reminds me of my dad AND my father-in-law. 

(Warning--there is one four-letter word (of the farmer-swear variety), sung/spoken at around  1.46)

I can totally see Wayne (Eric's dad) asking us if he can get us anything at Costco,  because they have everything we need and it's real cheap. 

And as for my dad, let's just say that when I hear the line, "Don't touch the remote!  You don't know how it works!"  I am transported right back to a certain basement in Cedar Knolls.  

My very very favorite part though, is just how serious these dads are about their fatherly responsibilities.  They pretty much know that when it comes to their kids that are not living under their roof, if they (the dads) don't tell them (the kids) about daylight savings, those clocks may never get changed, and that would be a complete travesty.

As a girl who still calls her dad for the weather forecast every time she's going to be on the freeway for longer than two hours, it's a comforting reality. 

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Harmony said...

Love it! Thanks for the laugh tonight. :-)

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