Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Night Stress

(This set of Haiku's brought to you with a little side wink to Laura)

Tomorrow's Sunday
Getting ready is stressful
Less peace than I want.

quirky 10-10


In January
We start church at eleven
Much easier then.

I shouldn't complain
Some people walk far to church
while I drive two blocks.

My bed calls me now
A few pages of reading
And then only Zzzzz

 Tomorrow I'll say
"No more blogging while sleepy!"
less Haikus, more prose.

Really I will stop
writing anymore haikus
this very minute.

picture of meltdown
(to me a familiar scene)
taken by pinprick

(Okay--I lied.  I couldn't resist one more Haiku.  But really, I'm done now.)

1 comment:

deutschlehrer said...

Haikus cause laughter
and my spouse feels your anguish
nine's a lousy time

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