Sunday, October 31, 2010

a love note

Much of our Saturday was spent trick-or-treating, visiting friends while wearing Eden's ladybug costume from last year (which Heidi actually bought on clearance years before Eden and Heather were even thought of, let along conceived or born), and lazing around.  I'll post pictures and a few highlights about that soon.

However, this post is to celebrate the fact that in between all that,

I managed to trade all of this:
tns given quirky 11-10

For ALL of this:
got 11-10
(and even a little bit more that I couldn't fit into the collage)

Dear Etsy (and the trade-a-holics Etsy team),

I love you.


Bamamoma said...

how cool is that? I really need to get going on Etsy.

Anonymous said...

Oh what great things you got! I traded with Genna Diva last time and love the bows she sent me for the girls! Look at all of the slippers you have made!! Hoolay, those look like they will be popular!

I got my black ones in the mail today! Thank you so much. They are so super adorable. I posted about them on my quilting blog so hopefully you will get a little etsy traffic today from quilting land :)

Anonymous said...

I just saw, I didn't know you had started a crochet blog! That is awesome!!

v said...

Oh my, that's cute!

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