Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Family that Moves Together, GROOVES Together!

Today I made this for dinner.

It was delicious.

(However, if you don't have fresh celery and do have dried celery, I recommend skipping the celery altogether, rather than using the dried stuff. I used the dried stuff and it ended up being like little pieces of celery rubber in the midst of my otherwise delicious Morccon-Style Stuffed Acorn Squash.)(Eric says he didn't mind it though.)(Eric is easier to please than I am, I guess.)

Then Eric gave Heather a bath while I picked up the house. Then I put Heather in her pajamas. I was half-way through when Heather had a near-meltdown over the fact that (stuffed animal) Bert (a la Sesame Street--Heather's favorite character and a new resident in our home since about three weeks ago) didn't have his night-time diaper on yet. So, we diapered Bert and finished pajama-ing Heather. (Then I very sneakily un-diapered Bert. Nighttime diapers don't grow on trees, you know!)

Then the fun began.

Heather and I started playing "Back" , which then turned into "run around the living room", which then turned into "get dad to play with us and run from the entry-way to the couch and jump on the couch", which then turned into "turn on the peppy tunes and have a free-for-all hop/run/dance/skip/jump-on-couch fest with two almost-40-year-olds and a two-year-old with lots of laughing and panting and cheering".

At one point, I sat in the corner, trying to catch my breath and watched the happy madness. I was reminded of my growing up years--nights spent dancing Zorba the Greek with my parents and siblings, afternoons spent yelling "POSITIONS!" to younger brothers and sister as we waited for the opening strains the West Side Story overture and the beginning of our impromptu movement masterpiece, evenings holding hands with all my family in a circle and doing cultural dances that I had learned that week from San Christopher. For a brief moment, I was taken back to some of my happiest childhood memories, and then, transported right back to one of my happiest grown-up moments.

It was awesome. I didn't get any pictures because I was having too much fun playing, but I'm totally okay with that. Sometimes, it's more important to have pictures in your heart than on your memory card.

Doncha think?


Bamamoma said...

AWESOME! You rock (and roll)!

Jake said...

Those were some good times. I'm glad to see that these traditions seem to be continuing in more families than just my own. Currently my kids are big fans of "Stuck like Glue" but we've had other dancing songs as well. Toby Keith's "Beer for my horses" makes a great dance with the kids. Followed of course by a lesson about the Word of Wisdom.

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