Wednesday, September 01, 2010

We interrupt this travelogue to give you yet another stone lion shot!

Melissa snapped these babies a few weeks ago on a trip to Nauvoo, Illinois.

They look like they've been worn down a bit through the years. I wonder what they used to look like in all their ferocious glory.

Thanks Melissa!


Jake said...

It should be noted that these two lions are 30 feet from a park with playground equipment so I'm sure they've given their share of rides to children.

Janet S. said...

Do you realize Charlotte how many others are affected by your challenge to your friends to take pictures of every stone lion who "walks" in their path??? [That's purposefully a run-on sentence!] Joy and I stood in the rain at Union Station in Washington DC holding umbrellas over Harmony's camera so she could get the best shot of the lions who "guard" this famous old railroad station -- now remodeled into a mall and Metro stop. And she hasn't even posted the photo yet or any photos of the other stone lions we met. Big old metropolitan capitol cities are where they all hang out!! :) Janet S.

Charlotte said...

Janet--my thanks to you and Joy. You all go through quite a bit to humor me in my random quests, and I so appreciate it!

Big old metropolitan capitol cities huh? Too bad we've used up our vacation time (and money)!

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