Thursday, September 02, 2010

part of me still wonders if I should have just bought the book

quirky 9-10

On day three, we ate at Simply Sushi. For $15 each plus tip and tax, we were able to eat all the Sushi we could manage in 60 minutes. We tried Fish Eggs (Eric liked them, I did not), raw tuna (again, Eric liked it, I did not), Eel (we both liked this one), and several delicious sushi rolls featuring crab, salmon, cream cheese, and avacados.

Mmmm, mmm, Deeee-licious!

Then we went to Sugarhouse and explored around there. We hit the Deseret Industries together (an old favorite of ours), and then went our separate ways for a bit. I checked out Whole Foods, where I drank my first ever Aloe Vera drink, and Eric got in a lengthy conversation with some guy at a some comic shop whose name slips my mind at the moment. We met up at Barnes and Noble, where Eric browsed magazines, and I read the first three chapters of Mockingjay, nearly convincing myself to buy it, and only escaping the impulse by remembering that I don't own the first two books in the series, and that Donna almost surely has already purchased a copy, and will probably lend it to me if I ask her really nicely.

Then we went to another movie, this time Toy Story 3.

We pigged out on popcorn, but that didn't stop us from eating dinner at Zupas, a soup-and-salad franchise that had been recommended to us. We absolutely loved it.

Tune in tomorrow for a recounting of the one day on our vacation that we did something besides shop and browse and watch movies and eat!


Sushi photo found here.

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Anonymous said...

Mocking Jay is awesome!! Such an amazing ending to an amazing trilogy.

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