Friday, September 24, 2010

Let me shoot your next event!

So, I have this friend Carol. Carol and I went on a few adventures together, along with our friend Irene, all around the time that I was getting to know Eric, actually.

Why this is important to this particular post is because from time to time, Irene and I would ask Carol to take a picture of us in front of one landmark or another. Carol tended to be a pretty good photographer, except for when she wasn't.

Back 10-15 years ago, Carol would have been fine. Unfortunately, the advent of modern digital cameras have caused a new wrinkle for Carol's photography skills. See, Carol has an uncanny ability for mixing up the "take picture" setting and the "shoot a video" setting on today's digital cameras.

Because of this, out there in the digital files of the world, there is a 30 second video of me and Irene, standing in front of the Mayan Adventure Ride at the Epcot center, smiling, smiling, talking through our teeth, saying "Haf eyoo takun eet yeht?", looking cheesy and awkward and hilarious all at the same time.

There's a similar video of Irene, standing by a colleague, smiling, and smiling. The Irene and colleague shoot had the added benefit of a real contrast, because the colleague was several feet taller than our dear Irene.

Anyway, I've spent the last 3+ years in smug satisfaction that such a fate has never and would never happen to me.

I was wrong.
(don't be afraid to click, it's only 5 seconds long)

Mmm-mmm! That humble pie tastes good!

(The cake in question was for Heather's birthday earlier this month)
(The cake in question was made by Camille of Camille's Cakes. So fun!)


Anonymous said...

I can't believe Heather is 2!! Happy Birthday to her!!

Jeri said...

I've done that LOTS of times...

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