Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the last one reminds me of Ursula

Eric and I share a camera.

This has not always been the case.

When Eric and I got married, I had a palm-size Pentax, and Eric had a big professional-size Minolta. As it turned out, Eric didn't like my Pentax and I couldn't figure out how to use his Minolta, so we went along our way, with nary a shared lens between us.

However, last Christmas, Eric gave me a sweet new Canon Power Shot a1100 is. I love it, and, it's actually better than Eric's big old Minolta (emphasis on old).

So, now we share. Of course, it is my camera, and I tend to take the majority of the pictures in this family, so the sharing goes quite a bit more my way than it does Eric's way.

Still, sometimes I'll open the photo card to download some Etsy pictures or some Heather pictures or some pictures of the gaping hole in our front sidewalk that I'm e-mailing to our HOA repair comittee, and find a surprise or two there.

Such as . . .

Just another day in blissful Cantwellopia.


Bamamoma said...

Eric is awesome!

Anonymous said...

The second one looks like it wouldn't be that great of a pet. But Jessi would still like it because it is pink.

On a side note . . .I love your new newsies hat!! It is super fun!

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