Thursday, August 12, 2010

in which I simultaneously offend both motorcyle enthusiasts and cadillac owners

Most of the time, when I sit down to write on this blog, I have a definite agenda, topic, event, memory, etc. to write about. But sometimes, like today, I just sit down and write, and whatever comes out of my fingers is what ends up here. Hmmm.

I stayed up until midnight last night, finishing a book that was written by Eric's Uncle Lee. It's called Mother George- the Midwife that shocked Grays Lake, and it's a historical fiction novel about a black midwife who delivered babies in Idaho around the turn of the century. (In fact, she delivered Heather's great great grandmother, Effie Allsop Greene). Only there's a twist. After Mother George died, the people in the community found out that she was actually a man. Geesh! if that wasn't a surprise! Due to a vast lack of evidence about her/his life, most of the Mother-George related information in the novel is fictional, but the fact that there was a Mother George, that she did deliver babies, and that she fooled an entire community is completely documented.


In other news, tonight I went to the temple. As I was circling the parking lot, looking for a space, I saw not one, but two motorcycles parked in different parking stalls. One of them was hidden behind a big van, and I almost ran into it, thinking that it was an empty space all for me and the RAVioli. I don't often equate "temple-going-Mormon" with "motorcycle guy" (or "motorcycle girl"), which I admit is kind of dumb of me. The fact is, awhile back I dated a guy who was a staunch Mormon and an avid motorcycle enthusiast. So, I have no excuse.

It did make me chuckle though, especially because one of the bikes was sandwiched right between a Silver Lincoln Continental and a Beige Cadillac, two grandma cars if I've ever seen any. Fun.

I found the whole thing a little ironic, because earlier in the day, I'd chanced to see this on YouTube :

And that's what I've got for today.


Tasha said...

I wonder if he's a cousin...

Charlotte said...

Oh, I DEFINITELY see the resemblance!

Heather Albee-Scott said...

Isn't it funny how we equate certain things, like kinds of vehicles people drive, with other things, like their religion? I noticed a lot of Presbyterians drive Subarus and Volvos...hmmm.

Very interesting about the midwife, I want to learn more! Wow!! History is good stuff.

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