Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a bit of euphoria wrapped up in cornbread and then deep-fried


Charlotte and Eric are heading back to the hotel after day one of what is sure to be a thrilling vacation.

ERIC: Hey, are we going to be going to the Gateway while we're here?

CHARLOTTE (a bit confused because it is Charlotte, not Eric who is most entranced with the Gateway): Well, we can, but it's okay with me if we don't.

ERIC: Actually, I really want to go there.

CHARLOTTE (hopeful that Eric has finally discovered a love of the great Gateway Olympic Fountain ): Okay. Why?

ERIC: Well, I really want to have lunch at the Hot Dog on a Stick.

quirky 9-10
So, we did.

We also moseyed around downtown, hung out in the Salt Lake Library, rode Trax, talked to several homeless people, spent $100 in Ikea (buying a coffee table, a table for our breakfast nook, (since our current table is too small to seat the three of us), several storage boxes for my rapidly growing yarn and etsy inventory, a placemat for Heather, an eco-friendly shopping bag, and seven cinnamon rolls), and played hand and foot well into the night with one of my favorite couples, the Burnetts.

It was a glorious day, but I think the Hot Dog on a Stick might have been the highlight for Eric.

(Which says much more about Eric's love of a good corn dog than it does about anything else.)

(Really. Eric mentioned several times over the following days how much he enjoyed the time that we spent with the Burnetts. It's just that there isn't much that compares with Hot Dog on a Stick for him.)

(Who knew?)


Donna said...

What? You were playing Hand and Foot with someone besides us??

Heather Albee-Scott said...

Charlotte - this is not related to your post, though anytime dinner can be served on a stick, I think it's a good thing...I just had to tell you how many lion statues I keep seeing out here in Jackson, MI and of course, I never have my camera! It's hilarious and every time I think of you!! :)

Charlotte said...

Heather--you reminded me of a lion picture that was sent to me while we were gone! I'll go put that up right now!

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