Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What is an egg cream, anyway?

Well, it's June. The grass is green, the tulips are dying, the daisies are thinking about coming up, and the birds are still loving our bird feeder, while Heather, Eric, and I are loving the birds. Singers have arrived for musical rehearsals at the opera, so I've spent part of the day today listening to the "Figaro" aria from The Barber of Seville. You know the one I'm talking about right? After all, practically anyone can recognize this piece of music. It's the one that goes, "Feeeee-gaaaah-roh, Fee-gaaah-roh, FigaroFigaroFigaroFigaro". It's one of my favorites, just because it brings back memories of the last time we did this opera, and how much I laughed at this aria then. Good times.

Today I've been thinking about some of my favorite books from my childhood. I'm not sure why exactly, but there you have it. I loved the Trixie Belden series. Also, Harriet the Spy. In fact, I wanted to be Harriet the Spy. I used to marvel at Harriet's bravery (and absolute cheek!)--sneaking into people's homes and listening to their conversations. Remember the part where Harriet was in a restaurant, having an egg cream and eavesdropping on the conversations going on behind her? There was a couple having an argument, probably about lack of privacy or their living situation or something, and the woman was saying something about not being able to go around her home with only a slip on.

Every time I'm ironing a dress or a skirt in the privacy of my own home, I think of that part of the book. (Probably because I'm usually wearing a slip and not much else at that particular moment.)

I'm all grown up now, but I still find myself hankering for a little bit of Harriet-Spying from time to time. Fortunately for me, I live in the age of the blog. So, I don't have to crawl into closets or unused dumb-waiters to get my spying fix. A few clicks of the mouse, and I can satisfy my need (that's really more of a want than a need) to know the goings on of other people--friends, family, acquaintances, and even complete strangers.

In the immortal words of Kip Dynamite:

I love technology,
but not as much as you, you see...
But I STILL love technology...
Always and forever.

quirky 6-10

June 2010. A great time to be alive.

Isn't this an awesome picture? I can say that because I didn't take it.
You can find out who did though, AND read a great quote from this great book by clicking here.

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Kala said...

The first book I remember really loving was a Trixie Belden book. How much fun it was... I remember not wanting to put it down. Thanks for the memory!

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