Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spotlight on Enrique

Eric has determined that he wants to go on The Bachelorette. Not because he wants to be on national TV. Not because he wants a cute, thin, blonde wife with a button nose*. Not because he wants to live in a communal house with a bunch of late twenty-something and early thirty-something guys. Certainly not because he wants to guard and protect the heart of another woman.

No, it's because they're going to Iceland next week, and if Eric has one dream, it's to go to Iceland.

(Iceland pictures are even in our Dream Book)
(of course!)

Last night we watched our first ever episode of the aforementioned show, and, as ashamed as I am to admit it, we're both semi-hooked. When we learned that they'd be in Iceland next week, Eric immediately started fantasizing of how it would be if he were able to join up with the entourage.

Which brings us to the Eric quote of the week (emphasis is his own, not added by me):

"When Ali asked me what I was doing there, I'd just say, 'What, don't you remember me? I've been here all along. I'm the guy with glasses.
You know, the guy who's five-foot six."

That's my man.
(My short, ruggedly handsome man.)

* * *

As long as we're talking about Eric, I've posted scans of a note that was passed between Eric and our robot-obsessed seven-year old nephew two Sundays ago. Both boys were supposed to be listening to the speakers in Fast and Testimony meeting, but as you can see, there were more urgent matters that needed attention:

Front Cover of Note

Inside Cover
(The "turn over" was added after the "yes" had been circled)

Back Cover

Spencer's Response:
(Uncle Arek Have you seen ene (any))

As we were in the car that day, Eric asked me to remind him how old Spencer was. After I answered, I was treated to the second best Eric quote of the week, full of gleamy-eyed nostalgia.

"I'm so jealous of him! That kid is heading into the prime of life. Second and third grade are the very best time for toys. You're old enough to realize how cool toys really are, but young enough that you don't realize that they are in fact, just toys. Boy, I miss those days!"

Personally, I take issue with the "young enough that you don't realize that they're just toys" bit.
Seriously, there's no way Eric's made that realization yet.

quirky 6-10
I don't think I'd have it any other way.

*Eric is convinced that Ali has had a nose job. I can't tell, but that's not surprising. I often can't even recognize a bad toupee when I see one.


amy greenway said...

You're right, there's NO WAY.

Jeri said...

I sure wish I lived closer to you guys. I would LOVE to hang out with the too of you and get to know Eric better.

Jeri said...

TWO of you, not too (i DO know the difference)

Charlotte said...

We'd have a ball, wouldn't we Jeri? Two much fun!

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