Friday, June 11, 2010

Second Chances

Yesterday I took dinner over to a couple in our neighborhood. I know, I know, I'm a saint. Just say it, we all know it's true.

Seriously though . . .

These particular neighbors have lived across the way from us for a year or two. I'd never been inside their house. I'm not sure I could have picked the husband out of a line-up (which I suppose would be lucky for him if he committed a crime that I were to witness, but since that's all pretty unlikely, it's not all that lucky at all) I've have had maybe three thirty-second conversations with the wife.

The husband had a major heart attack two weeks ago, endured quadruple bypass surgery, and just got home from the hospital a few days ago. Since we are neighbors and all, a member of the Relief Society asked if I'd be willing to bring them dinner last night. I said yes.

(Baked potatoes, low-fat but delicious homemade chili, other potato toppings and fresh peach smoothies. I know you were wondering.)
quirky 6-10
I didn't make this smoothie or take this picture. I got the picture here.
The smoothie I made
was delicious though. Have no doubt.

Why oh why didn't I take the time to get to know these people before I had this "assignment"? They are delightful. We spent about 30 minutes talking surgery and life-flights, grandchildren and grandparents, opportunities and blessings. I found out that they're Dodger fans.

I'm a Dodger Fan!

I found out that they have a two-year old grandchild who comes to visit two or three times a week.

I have a(n almost) two-year old daughter!

I found out that they've recently taken a crash course in low-fat cooking and healthy eating.

I started getting (more) serious about calories and healthy food about two weeks ago!

I found out that he's an avid golfer.

That's where the similarities end. I've been golfing once, hated it, plan to never go again.

Anyway, I'm glad I got the chance to get to know this dear couple. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to get to know my other neighbors.

Really, why wait for a heart attack?

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