Tuesday, June 15, 2010

it's a good thing she's adorably cute

quirky 6-10

Heather seems to be entering into a new stage. I hate to say it (or think it), but it looks and feels and sounds like what I imagine the "terrible twos" to be, precocious girl that she is. (She won't be two for another couple of months.)

She often doesn't seem to know her own mind, and her limited communication skills are obviously frustrating to her. This is particularly noticeable to me in the mornings when we're trying to get started on the day. First she wants out of the crib, until I take her in my arms. Then she wants nothing more than to lay blissfully in the crib, with her stuffed animal and blanket collection. At that point, I go to leave so that I can get dressed for the day. Horrors! Screams! Disappointment! Anger! All the negative emotions a little girl can muster are summoned and expressed in the two seconds that it takes me to get to the door. I turn around, go to take her out of the crib again. More tears. Apparently, the only acceptable solution is for me to be by the crib, watching her lie among her treasures, doing nothing, saying nothing. As I'm under a bit of a time constraint, this solution is not acceptable to me.

Eventually, often after tears and wails by Heather and some reasonable explanations (and perhaps a deep-breath-count-to-ten exercise) by me, we're out of the crib and putting on clothes. I won't even go into all the emotions and twists and turns that we encounter there. It's basically more of the same. I'm sure you get the idea.

On an unrelated-but-possibly-critically-important-to-the-current-state-of-family-affiars note, I started up my yoga practice again this morning. Here's hoping it will help me get a little bit more equanimity and flexibility, both in body and in mind.

Otherwise, we just may not survive the next year.

(Don't get me wrong or feel too bad for me though. the fact is, I'm still lovin' this mom gig.)

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Scott and Amy said...

Sounds a lot like Emma. Except for the fact that we have the night time diapers mixed in with the day time diapers and she insists on wearing whatever her heart pleases; no matter the time of day. And she will cry and cry if she doesn't get the diaper she wants. We also do the crib thing. Enjoy! Amy

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