Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Fun 'n Games

My apologies if you've seen these before and don't feel so much like seeing them again. Sometimes that's the way the ball bounces I guess.

So, Eric is always trying to get me to watch YouTube videos that he's found and thinks will be fun for me. Usually he does remarkably well, but sometimes he strikes out in a major major way.

Anway, a few nights ago, I figured that turnabout was fair play, and I had him sit down to watch two of my favorite YouTube offerings.

He liked the second one better than the first. For me, the first one is undeniably superior.

This one is just a bonus--Eric showed it to me last week.

It's really short, which makes it an added bonus.


Jake said...

I'm with Eric. The second one is better, or maybe I just miss my kids.

Harmony said...

Those were good for some laughs. Thanks!!

corrie said...

There is nothing I wanted more as teenager than to live in a musical. That wedding was great!

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