Sunday, May 23, 2010

Playing in the Garden with Eden

Yesterday, Eden came to visit for a few hours.

She shared her stuffed kitty with our little highness.

Our little highness shared her toy phone with Eden.

Eric shared his favorite Tom and Jerry Cartoon DVD with both girls.
(All three of them were all in heaven.)

We re-filled the (seed) bird feeder, and put up the hummingbird feeder.
quirky 5-10
(The girls would take the birdseed from the bag and put it in the green cup. Then I would pour the contents of the cup into the feeder up in the tree.)

We pulled a few weeds in the container garden.

Eden successfully moved about one bucket of dirt from one pot to another, which was helpful.

Heather successfully learned how to turn on the water supply to the garden hose, which was not.

We went for a short walk, which contained the added bonus of a very low-flying plane ride.

quirky 5-10
(I know it looks like Heather is helping here, but really she's much more of an hindrance to the goal Eden is trying to achieve. Lucky for us all, Eden is a good-natured little girl, and she doesn't get too bent out of shape when her plans are slightly derailed.)

We had cheese triangles for lunch (a/k/a quesadillas).

I was going to give Heather her usual PBJ, but Eden insisted that what Heather really wanted was a cheese triangle.

Turns out, Eden was right. Heather scarfed her quesadilla down in nothing flat.

It was a glorious way to spend a Saturday morning.

quriky 5-10
(I love this picture--mainly because it absolutely cracks me up. What a pair!)

In semi-related news, today we've had birds galore swooping in to take advantage of the goodies in our bird-feeder. It's almost as if they know that they only have a limited time to get the good stuff, because once they've picked out all the M&M's and peanuts, they're going to be stuck with cheerios and raisins until skin-flint Mrs. Cantwell finds it in her heart to replenish again.

Spoiled, Ungrateful Birds.


Harmony said...

Why are Tom & Jerry movies universally loved? My boys just requested I move one up to the top of the Netflix queue for viewing this week--over Mickey Mouse and Looney Tunes, although those are favorites too.

Anonymous said...

Those two are such a cute pair! I love their little faces in the last picture!

Heather Albee-Scott said...

Heather looks so much like you and Eric, a perfect combination!

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