Thursday, April 01, 2010

Who's the April Fool?

Saturday I put away the ice melt.

Tuesday I bought and set up a bird feeder.

This morning I woke up to this:
quirky 4-10

April Fool's Indeed.

quirky 4-10


Carol said...

I love the 'Groucho' Glasses!! Now you know how I felt last week when we truly had 15 inches of snow. Fortunately, it was the slushy kind and melted quickly over the next two days. I hope you get the same melt there!

Another note - I wonder where she got the very cute crocheted hat? Nice!!

Jake said...

Finally! Today I am happy to be in the Bend. We hit 80 today and Melissa just asked me if we should turn on the air.

Rebbie Becky said...

Mother Nature apparently likes to play April Fools!! It was just glorious seeing the snow on the ground and then walking up to campus.....

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