Wednesday, April 14, 2010


About a month ago I decided that I would do this really fun post on April 14, 2010.

However . . .

Time got away from me, and I never did it, and then I went to Chicago and just got back, and I'm under a pile of laundry and a stack of opera accounting things, and I still haven't gotten enough Heather and Eric time to satisfy me.

So, this blog is at the bottom of my priority list at the moment.

In light of that, I'm just going to say here that as of today, the Eric and Charlotte Cantwell family is three years old.


And, just for fun, here are five semi-random photos from the past three years:

quirky 4-10
This photo just makes me laugh. I have no idea what was going on here, but don't we all just look absolutely confused?

quirky 4-10

quirky 4-10

quirky 4-10

quirky 4-10

(If you want, you can check back in a year--just to see if I decide to do the ultra-fun-awesome post then. Who knows?)


Carol said...

Oh my goodness - has it really been 3 years! I remember that day and it was glorious. I can't ever thank you and Eric enough for including me.

That picture of you two outside the temple made me burst out loud laughing! Perhaps that was a sign of how parts of you life will go - just confusing. I applaud you for keeping the photo. I wouldn't have the courage to keep that photo let alone share it!

Happy Anniversary! You two plus 1 are amazing!

Bamamoma said...

Happy anniversary! I'm so glad you three are three years old. Should I just tell you "happy anniversary" now? :)

deutschlehrer said...

Let me help with picture number one: I am pretty sure you were getting married.

Anonymous said...

I sense the confusion in that poor, dazed man's eyes, like a free and naive deer trapped in the headlights of marriage's traffic.

Charlotte said...

Trevor? Is that you?

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