Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Final Homage to National Poetry Month

So, I'm a little out of practice on my poetry writing skills. Nonetheless, I have an un-met poetry obligation, and I aim to meet it.

You'll remember our Midwinter Musical Madness Extravaganza?

Remember how the winner turned out to be Melissa, who won last year and therefore wasn't eligible to have another poem written about her?

Remember how Carol won 2nd prize, and part of the winners package was a poem written by yours truly and posted here?

Well, here it is--an original poem all about Carol.

(If we can call it a poem, which I'm not entirely sure we can.)
quirky 4-10
Oh-a note about this picture. Carol is just a little bit camera shy. So, by way of illustration, I went to wikimedia commons, and typed in "red-haired beauty", which is a pretty fitting description of our Carol. The picture you see here is what came up. Nice.

Ode to Carol
(this is not a completely G-rated poem, but I think you should be able to read it without having to repent too much afterward)
by Charlotte C. Cantwell

As I stepped into her home, the first thing in my view,
Was a full wall of temple pictures, both the old and the new.

As we met to discuss needs and policies and love,
Exchanging ideas and opinions, and hoping for guidance from above.

My first lengthy interaction with Carol was in a R.S. Presidency,
She was (eventually) the president, and one of two counselors was me!

Shortly thereafter we traveled to Salt Lake,
To obtain counsel and guidance, and a few memories make.

I got to know Carol better on that and other drives,
and as we spent time together, and shared parts of our lives.

I learned to know her as a caring and dedicated aunt,
a qualified caterer, with a talent for writing grant(s).

And as we drew closer and in her company I basked
I learned that Carol would do just about anything I asked.

So, when I got married, I asked her to make food for our guests,
She gladly agreed, and turned out a dessert that was "better than . . ." (this is the non-rated-G part)

So generous and giving, so thoughtful and wise,
I soon came to count our mutual friendship as a prize.

And although she's now moved, and I don't see her so much,
She's promised to start blogging (soon), so we'll be able to better keep in touch.

Now, I have to be honest, I'm looking forward to this,
For Carol has a view on life, that I've found that I miss.

So, Carol, dear Carol, I write these words sure and steady,
To say "thank you my dear", and "get your blog up and going already!"

And that's all I have to say about that.

Except for one more thing.

Love you, Carol.
(And you can take as long as you need to get your blog up. I can wait.)
(I hope.)

*red-haired beauty image here


Tasha said...

Brilliant! Even your allusion to sex...Oh, did I say that out loud? Hmm...well, it happens.

amy greenway said...

I feel sad for Carol that she lacks iris'. I bet she wears sunglasses a lot. But what with the lovely red locks, straight nose and perfectly pursed lips, people probably never notice that she has to enter "black" in the eye color portion of her drivers license. hee.

Carol said...

First of all - I apologize for the long comment. I don't know what to say - but thank you! Your friendship means more to me than you will ever know. These last couple of weeks have been tough. They culminated last night in me having to tell one of my nephews that he could not live with me until he got a few things straightened out. That left him without a place to stay last night. I can't remember feeling so low.

I had forgotten about the promised poem. But I needed to visit with a friend this morning, so I hopped over to your blog. I bet you didn't know that you were hugging me this morning!

Now on the lighter side - I can't believe you revealed my secret pie name to everyone! I think the name just makes you want some. (I am keeping it g-rated here!) However, can you blame me for making that pie?! The irony and humor was just too difficult to pass by! (Yes, the rhyming is intentional.)

Charlotte - the weekend is here. The blog parts are in place and I plan to go live by Sunday. I hope I can do the ideas you and Heidi have given me justice.

I hope you have a great day - you just made mine!

Carol said...

Whoops - forgot to say that I love the watercolor theme of your site. It is perfect for this time of year!

Carol said...

Okay - last comment I promise! I thought I had said something about the picture. There is a blessing in being 'camera shy'. Charlotte is kind - I actually refuse to have my picture taken. The benefit - you get a picture posted that is much better than you deserve!

Thanks again for the thought and kindness. The timing is perfect. This is being printed and put in my journal!

Charlotte said...

Oh Carol--I'm so glad. If a few cheesy rhymes with a real intent can get you out of the dumps, just say the word. I've got more rhymes where those came from!

Carol said...

Charlotte - you are the best! Thank you again!!

deutschlehrer said...

Tasha- the rhyming word was "guests" so your assumption is totally wrong. the correct missing word is "pests" which is obviously not g-rated because what desert is not better than pests--especially at a wedding (where the desert was being served, right?) someone needs to get her mind out of the gutter :-)

Greetings from Berlin again

Charlotte said...

Oh--how I've come to love these comments.

Virtual Chocolate-Covered Strawberries to you all.

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