Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fortunately, birds don't have palms

Lately I've been itching to change things up on the layout of this here blog. Nothing major, but maybe a different header, different color background, different color buttons. I hesitate to do that though, just because it's so much work to re-educate myself on how to do all of it, and since I don't like things to look half-baked in the middle of the whole thing, I feel stressed once I start until I get it done. Yuck. I'm not a big fan of the ready made backgrounds that you can get either (not that I mind them on all of your blogs), so that further complicates things. Oh well. If that's my biggest problem, life is pretty good, wouldn't you say?

Remember how I bought and installed a bird-feeder at the end of March? Heather and I and even Eric have spent many happy moments looking out our window and seeing the different kinds of birds that stop by for a snack. It's kind of died off though, because apparently the only kind of birdseed left in the feeder is the kind that the birds don't like. I'm serious. If you look at the birdseed bag, there are probably four or five distinct offerings in the mix. If you look at the tray of our birdfeeder, there's one. Even more telling, if you look at the ground around the bird feeder, it's littered with the same undesirable birdseed. So, basically, the birds have been coming buy, scooping up the seed they like, and then pushing the undesirable seed to the ground to make it so the good stuff comes out of the feeder. Spoiled, Ungrateful Birds!

The whole situation reminds me of the trail mix that my mom makes for us all during the annual Corry Reunion. It's more like snack mix than trail mix, and it includes Cheerios, marshmallows, peanuts, M&Ms (peanut butter and plain), Skittles, and either raisins or Craisins. We sit around the deck chatting and laughing and eating it by the handful. Years and years ago we implemented a "no picking out" rule, also known as the "you get what you get" rule. That makes it so we don't end up with a bag of Cheerios and raisins twenty minutes in, you know?

But, then we all got married, and, I'm sorry to say that some of the spouses haven't been as obedient to the rule as we might have hoped (yes, I'm talking about you, Krista). That of course has the potential to ruin it all forever, and so whenever anyone is caught in the act there is a fair amount of ribbing and persecution. The best defense I've heard yet was this:

"I wasn't picking out, I was selectively scooping."

quirky 4-10

Semantics. It's all semantics.

p.s. I don't think I'm going to win the writing contest I wrote about last time. Right now I'm in a distant third place, only two votes away from fourth place. That's okay with me. As I've read the other entries, I feel perfectly fine losing to such fine competition. Really. That's the absolute truth.

[image of trail mix found here]


Robert said...

I don't think it's fair to single out Krista.

Maegan is every bit as bad of a selective scooper as her. What's worse is that because she is married to Mom's "favorite" I don't think she even feels the need to try and hide her despicable trail mix eating habits.

Tasha said...

I think this is the kind of situation where one has to question the necessity of the ingredients one doesn't like. As an adamant hater of raisins, I would be more inclined to not partake at all than risk the possibility of ending up in a situation where I HAD to eat one.

Long live the unhealthy trail mix!!

Charlotte said...

True, true. And, let's not forget Melissa. I've seen her sneaking an extremely selective scoop quite frequently.

Honestly, I do okay with the raisins, if I eat them all at once, in one quick gulp. Now Skittles--not a fan. Fortunately, there are always a plethora of grandchildren who are only too happy to take THOSE off my hands.

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