Friday, April 16, 2010


(I know, I skipped "four". Oh well.)

Since very few people really want to read a travelogue of the Chicago Celebration, I'm just going to share with you five of my favorite photos from the trip.

You can thank me later.

Or now.

Either way is fine, really.

My brother Jacob came over with his family to visit while we were there. They live in South Bend, Indiana. Definitely a highlight of the trip to hang out with them.

Remember how I said that my favorite movie was filmed in Chicago? Well, maybe I'll have a new favorite movie in a year or so! AND, maybe I'll be in it!! (I remained in the area.)

Probably not though. The film company was from Canada, so I'm honestly wondering if I'll ever actually end up seeing or even hearing of the film. (No offense, Shauna)

Attending my first ever Major League Baseball Game. The White Sox lost in the 11th inning, 4 to 3.

Me and nephew Kristian. I love how neither of us is looking at the camera. We are an ultra-photogenic family, obviously.

And finally . . .

On my second-to-last day there, my mother walked across the stage (in front of thousands of screaming school board members and fans) and received honors and accolades by virtue of her being the President of the Utah School Board Association. I tried to get the moment on film, but flash photography was prohibited, and this is all that I was able to obtain.

Sorry mom.


Kala said...

I love the look of the guy next to you at the game. Looks like a fun trip! 8)

Anonymous said...

are you going to put these pictures on snapfish? I would love it if you did and sent me an invite, you always get the best pictures of my kids :)

Charlotte said...

Oh-you'd better believe it. I didn't even post one that might be my very favorite. It's Jessi and Kami on the boat. So cute!

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