Friday, March 19, 2010

You'll only have 525,597 after you watch this

My favorite part of the whole thing?

That little jaunty walk she has (at about 1.21) A close second is the impromptu singing (at 1.05).

I meant for this to have a more put-together ending, but the memory card got full quite abruptly and that was the end of that.

10 points for naming the song that plays during the video

5 points for naming the Musical

2 points each for the names of actors who played either in the original Broadway cast or in the Movie

2 points if you can correctly guess why the vacuum cleaner is not put away in the closet

2 points of you recognize Heather's clothes because they were hand-me-downs from one of your children (but you have to say which child was the original owner)

2 points is you can correctly guess what is in the two large clear storage containers (there are different things in both of them, so there's 8 points possible here)

25 points if you can specifically guess what's in the big plastic bucket that Heather is carrying around. (There is no way you'll ever be able to guess this--that's why the point value is so high.)

Other points awarded by whim


Tasha said...

Hmmm...YouTube blocked at the school...hopefully there will be some inspiration for whim points when I get around to seeing this at home...

Tasha said...

Hmm...just realized I know this song - it's from Rent, Seasons of Love...still want to watch the video later though

Charlotte said...

Right--and so fast!

15 points to Tasha!

Jeri said...

dang - I had all my answers all typed out but for some reason it didn't take them...

clear totes: I think the top one has skeins of yarn in it, and I think the lower one has your collection of DI sweaters, waiting to be unraveled...???

Large White bucket mystery... I think it is that Mary Higgins Clark book that she kept stealing from you. or maybe a pink stuffed rabbit.

Vacuum is out ... maybe because it was ERIC who vacuumed last...???

I sure wish I knew more of these songs instead of being so completely dependent on WHIM points.

Carol said...

Okay - so here I go again!

I think the white bucket might have laundry soap in it.

I think that the vacuum cleaner isn't in the closet because you were starting to vacuum and decided to film Heather.

Names of Actors in Rent - (Original Broadway Cast)
Taye Diggs
Anthony Rapp
Jesse Martin
Freddy Walker
Wilson Jermaine Heredea (or is it Heredia)

Names of Actors in Rent (Movie) - the one that was adapted not the film of the stage production -
Rosario Dawson
Tracie Thoms
Taye Diggs
Anthony Rapp
Wilson Jermaine Heredea

That's all I got on this one. Good Luck on guessing everyone!

Carol said...

Whoops - changing my mind on the guesses!

I think the white bucket Heather is toting has her 'cooking utensils' in it. Why else would she drag it to the kitchen?

I have to say that I love the look on her face as she goes into the closet. She is truly waiting to see your response and trying to charm you! It worked on me!

I also think that the vacuum isn't in the closet because it gets in Heather's way when she is getting out hats and scarves to put on when it is too hot to wear them!

Okay - that really is it.

Kami Willis said...

Dang it, I knew this one. I was just too late. Heather is so darn cute!!! I can't believe how big she is getting. She's growing up way too fast.

Maybe I can get a point or two for listing actors Carol missed.

Jessie Martin
Sarah Silverman
Idina Menzel

I'm guessing either Heather likes to vacuum or play in the closet so that's why it's out. I'm guessing sheet music in one tote and your craft stuff in the other.

Charlotte said...

Jeri--Whim points definitely take more effort than just knowing the songs, huh? Sorry about that.

You get TWO points for your D.I. sweater guess. It's actually the top bin, but we need not be nit-picky.


Twenty points for cast members. Nice work! Melissa or Tasha or another RENT expert, you'll need to correct me if anyone gets these wrong, because I honestly don't have a clue other than Idina Menzel. How's that for honesty?


SIX points for cast members, and I'll give you TWO points for the bins, since in addition to the DI sweaters I do have craft supplies in the top one.

All the other guesses made so far have been incorrect, but I'll give you a hint about the bottom bin. They are things that I'm storing, hopefully temporarily, as a favor to my mom.

You can guess as many times as you want, BTW.


Anonymous said...

Last time I go to a Chili Cook Off at the Ward. So I don't know all of the broadway actors, just the ones that were also in the movie.

Here are the 8 movie actors though - Some previously mentioned

Rosario Dawson as MiMi
Taye Diggs as Benny
Wilson Jermaine Heredia as Angel
Jesse Martin as Collins
Anthony Rapp as Mark
Tracie Thoms as Joanne
Idina Menzel as Maureen
Adam Pascal as Roger

I am pretty sure that those actors were all the same in the original broadway except for Mimi and Joanne's character.

The lyrics were done by Jonathan Larson who sadly, died before it ever made it to stage.

Carol said...

Are there hats in the bottom bin?

Anonymous said...

I guess that the vacuum is out because you plan on vacuuming soon.

I guess that the storage containers have table clothes, mom's blankets she made, and possibly a few toys that got mixed up in there.

I guess Heather's bucket has a baby doll and the bucket is her crib.

And lastly, I feel like my mind is being messed with. I know, absolutely know, that Jessi has or had a shirt that looked just like that but I never remember giving it away. Could it be we have the same shirt, or did I give Jessi's away? I really can't remember.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and it is the Broadway version playing in the background of Heather's video, not the movie soundtrack. :)

And, on a side-note Adam Pascal and Idina Menzel teamed up again in the concert version of Chess along with Josh Groban.

Charlotte said...


2 points for giving the actors along with the characters they play (all the actors had been previously mentioned, but you went the extra mile be telling the character names)

1 point for the composer

2 points for the bin questions--mom's blankets are in there, waiting to be listed and sold on etsy.

As to the shirt, I don't remember ever getting any hand-me-downs from you, but if you handed it down to another sibling and they handed it to me . . . hmmm. . . no points yet. We'll have to unravel this mystery.

another point for the identification of the version of the song, and another point for the note on the Chess concert. (I happened to watch that concert on DVD a mere four weeks ago!)

Total Points = 7


No hats in the bottom bin. Nice try.

Jake said...

The shirt came from Jane.

Heather is obviously toting around a robot in that pail.

I knew this one and could have raked in the points if I were not on call yesterday. Stupid jobs.

Anonymous said...

Not to be nit-picky, well I guess this is going to be nit-picky. So here it goes. No one ever mentioned Adam Pascal. 7 of the actors had been mentioned and one wrong entry (I am pretty sure Sara Silverman is not in Rent unless she makes some weird cameo) So can I have 2 points for him.

And while I am commenting I might as well make another guess on the mystery bucket. I am thinking it is your emergency storage of toilet paper that you are keeping in there so it is protected and dry.

Charlotte said...

Fair enough Melissa. I did ask you specifically in my first comment to check up on me on this one, and I appreciate you keeping me honest. Two more points for Adam Pascal, and Kami, I'll have to take 2 points from you unless you can show me where Sarah S. is listed as being in rent. You can use the computer (I couldn't find her on IMDB, and I'm not all that savy on IBDB, but I didn't find her there either.

Jacob--you're wrong on everything, but I'll give you a word verification point and 2 points for having to be on call. And here I thought you were too busy doing MArch Madness to check in here for Musical Madness. Silly me.

Jake said...

Apparently the shirt came from the Kaylee/Makell collection, and though I'm not sure I believe you that there is not a robot in the bucket I will now tell you that it is, in fact, empty.

Charlotte said...

Honestly, I'm not sure who it came from. That's why I put it in the clue. I know it either came from Krista, ShaLiece, or Eric's cousin Misha. So, if Robert can confirm that it came from his house, I'll give you both points. Same with the pants.

Wrong on the bucket. I told you you'd never guess it.

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