Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why not learn to put your faith and your reliance on an obvious and simple fact of science?

Lightning Round!

2 points for the name of the song
2 more points for the name of the musical

(other points awarded by whim, as always)

(pictures have nothing to do with the answer, generally speaking)

quirky 3-10


Tasha said...

Sound of Music! I just heard this two days ago. I love XM for my homework prep

Charlotte said...

Nice work Tasha!

2 points!

There are still non-whim points available for anyone who can name this semi-obscure song. (It's in the stage musical, but I don't believe it's in the movie--just FYI.)

Jeri said...

nope it's NOT in the movie. I googled it after tasha said it was from Sound of Music. I was like, "NO, it's NOT! I KNOW that movie..."

guess again, Jeripickle...

Great job Tasha!

Carol said...

The clue was great. Is the song "No way to Stop It?"

So, here's another stroll down memory lane. I remember seeing this musical (movie version) with my family in a very ornate theater that has since been torn down. It was all very exciting and thrilling - especially the wedding scene.

Another memory was one that shocked me. I had a student who had been adopted from a South American country. Her and her sister's impression of "How do you Solve a Problem Like Maria?" instructed me on how there is a little bias towards women in this movie. I never looked at it that way before, but there it was. Kind of sad, but I am glad they stayed true to the culture at the time.

Anonymous said...

I've got nothing :)

Charlotte said...

2 non whim points to Carol
1 whim point to Carol

1 whim point to Jeri for being willing to admit when she's wrong. (That was a mean trick to play--sorry)


Twenty points taken from me for obnoxiousness and a complete lack of humility.

Harmony said...

Jeff has pointed out to me more than once the bias in "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?" If you think about it, it's basically saying that all unmarried women are a problem. Not very PC, or very nice.

Charlotte said...

I can't believe I never noticed that before! Odd.

I'm going to have to investigate those lyrics more.

(1 point)

Harmony said...

I've actually seen this one on stage, performed by the Castle Dale Community Theatre. My aunt was Mother Superior--she has a great voice, plus I couldn't pass up the chance to see her in a nun's habit. Captain Von Trapp was played by a guy who was obviously a native rural Utahn, where country music is only thing you can get on the radio. The most memorable part of the whole show was "Edelweiss," sung with a seriouly strong country twang, scooping up to the right pitches and all--scary. Jeff still can't hear the song without mocking that version.

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