Sunday, March 07, 2010

they would ask me to advise them, like a Solomon the Wise

Here are just a few recommendations of things that I've encountered and appreciated lately:

These baskets from Ikea: Ironically, Eric and I went to Ikea about a month ago to pick up some bibs for Heather. Bibs that I learned about by reading this blog post. While we were there, I saw these bins and decided that they would be perfect for our laundry situation. Right now our laundry baskets double as our laundry hampers, and so if I don't happen to have (make) time to wash, dry, fold, and put away all our clothes within a 12-hour period, we end up having to put our clothes on the floor. Since it often takes me 2 or more days to go through the whole cycle, we were finding ourselves with little clean clothes piles and little dirty clothes piles all over our bedrooms and the laundry room. It was driving me crazy.

Enter these little baskets. They collapse down, so storing them takes almost no space at all (a plus in our townhome-our-laundry-room-is-also-our-pantry-and-our-clothes-closets-also-store-our-humidifiers-and-I-don't-like-to-think-of-what-else-is-in-there lives), and when it's time to do laundry, I just uncollapse them, fill them up with dirty clothes, take the clothes downstairs, wash and dry the clothes, fold them while I'm watching my Netflix pick of the week, take them back up, and whenever I get around to putting them away, I do. No more little piles of clothes on the floor. Heaven! We bought two at our last Ikea run, but I can see myself using two more. The next time we're headed down to Cedar City or Provo, you'd better believe we'll be making a quick Ikea stop.

quirky 3-10

This food co-op: Saturday morning I participated for the first time in the Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op. I learned about it over a month ago, via the facebook status updates of two of my friends, and I was intrigued. It took me awhile (over a month) to really get a handle on what I was supposed to do to participate, and for my schedule to coincide with the the timing of the co-op, but it was well worth the effort. Basically, there's a small window of time where you can sign up (around 30 hours or whenever the available slots fill up, whichever comes first), you pay a $15 donation ($18 if it's your first time), and then that Saturday morning you head over to the pick-up site, and you get two laundry baskets full of fresh, delicious, quality produce. I'm telling you, it seemed to me like the mother lode of healthy goodness! We have cucumbers and zucchini, and strawberries and blueberries (well, we used to have blueberries--Eric and Heather made quick work of those), and spinach and lettuce and oranges and pears and banans and asparagus.

It's a volunteer situation, and there isn't a whole lot of hand-holding in the process. That's got to be why it's so cheap. But, if you live in Utah, Idaho or Arizona, and you don't mind doing a little bit of trial-and-error clicking of the mouse, and you'll be willing to volunteer at some point (I'm planning to try it out once more and then I'm going to work out a schedule with myself on how often I can help out), it's a great deal on a whole lot of great produce. (Thanks for the tip, Jeri and Teresa!)

This movie: Speaking of my Netflix pick, this weekend, we watched Forever Strong. If you are one of my siblings or one of my parents, you should watch this movie, and you should especially watch the bonus features, particularly the one on the making of the movie and the life lessons taught by Coach Gelwix. That's because Coach Gelwix reminds me of dad. He (Gelwix) has an amazing winning tradition with the Highland High Rugby team (17 National Championships in 33 years), which is (a-hem) slightly more impressive than my father's multiple state championships with his Cedar High Cross-Country and Track & Field teams. However, the two men share similar attitudes about coaching and about life and about how the team effort is more important than individual glory and how it is more important to inspire and teach kids to be good people than to train them to be good atheletes.

I tend not to be a fan of "Mormon Cinema" (Don't even get me started on Return with Honor. We hated it. That's all I'm going to say), and although I haven't researched it, the fact that this movie was filmed in Salt Lake City, tells the story of a Utah Rugby Coach, and uses at least two actors (not in major roles) that I've seen in other Mormon Cinematic efforts makes me think that this film was created by a company on that end of things. I'm happy to give this movie two thumbs up though, and if this turns out to be the way this genre is heading, I can see myself changing my opinion drastically.

(In full disclosure, I thought the movie got just a little bit heavy-handed once or twice. Nothing too over the top, and nothing that made me feel manipulated or overly uncomfortable, but still. Mostly, I just enjoyed the film. Of course it doesn't hurt that my friend Rudy (a/k/a Samwise Gamgee a/k/a Sean Astin)(he doesn't know we're friends, by the way) plays a significant role, and the cutest hockey player from Miracle (Rob McClanahan, a/k/a Nathan West) has a semi-featured supportive role as well.)

quirky 3-10
This guy (on the left) could be my new celebrity boyfriend. Too bad he's seven years younger than me. Oh, and too bad (for him) that I'm already blissfully married to my Eric.

And that's what I have for tonight.

10 points for the name of the song

5 points for the name of the musical

2 points for the name of the character who sings the song
1 point if you spell that name correctly

5 points if you can name or accurately describe the post on this blog that also mentions this song (just using your wits now, no searching!)

2 points if you happen to know (or can guess) why this musical is important to members of the Bob and Barbara Corry family (and the fact that Utah Festival Opera did the show a few years ago is not it)(I'll give you a hint--it's one of those things that only Robert and I & dad and mom would know, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Robert doesn't remember it.)

Other points awarded by whim

Let the game begin!


Melissa said...

The song is If I were a Rich Man
From Fiddler on the Roof
The name of the character is Tevia, I highly doubt I spelled that correctly

And although I don't know why it is important to the Bob Corry family I do know that when my dad was in High School he was in the musical. His musical and acting abilities are so great that they had him play the actual fiddler on the roof, no singing, no lines, just sit on the roof and pretend to play a fiddle. Good Times!

Tasha said...

This is one of those musicals that I know the music to, but have NEVER seen - not on TV, not the movie, nothing. But what is funny is that every year, when I teach The Chosen by Potok to my students, I have the song Tradition in my head for weeks.

I've been looking into bountiful baskets as well - guess I need to get online and check it out because I haven't heard a negative thing about it yet.

Also, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who isn't on top of laundry at all moments of all days. It just never seems to climb to the top of my to do list - or I keep bumping it down.

Carol said...

Boy, that Melissa is 'Johnny on the Spot!" This musical plus Annie are two that I know really well.

So, here's my attempt to earn a few points.

The person who played Tevya (maybe a point here) in the musical was Topol. If I am not mistaken, I believe he also played that role in the London version. I am always surprised when I see his picture. You can see glimpses of Tevye in him, I always expect to see all of Tevye that's how big Topol was able to play the character.

I don't know why this musical is important in your family. But here is why it is important to me.

1. The movie ran for a long time at a local theater near my house. On Wednesday nights you could go to the movie for 50 cents!! We all worked hard in our house to have our homework done so we could go to the movies (we couldn't afford to go to the regular priced movies on a regular basis). I think I saw that movie 5 or 6 times for that reason alone.

2. I love how the musical captures the idea of change and the impact of small changes in tradition for future generations. I also like how we learn how tradition can be good, but how foolish some can be. A serious look at our traditions on a regular basis is a good thing. Maybe that is why Heavenly Father keeps sending the next smarter generation to the earth.

3. I have 2 favorite songs from this musical. The first is Sabbath Prayer. The line "may you be like Ruth and like Esther" touches my heart in a way that I cannot explain. Oh, that I had their heart, faith, determination and courage. There are a number of times when serving in Primary and Relief Society that the words "May the Lord protect and defend you. May the Lord preserve you from pain. Favor them, O Lord, with happiness and peace," were just the word that expressed my concerns, worries and desires for those I was trying to serve. The second song became a favorite as I have watched my nephews and niece grow - "Sunrise, Sunset." How could Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock know that I would love them so much and have these feelings?

Well, as you can see this is a favorite of mine. I'm looking forward to a day of singing those songs I recall. It is a good thing you aren't nearby - you'd be tortured!! Oh, well - To Life!

Carol said...

I just noticed a typo - I meant to attempt to spell Tevye, not Tevya. I hope the 'e' version is right!

Jeri said...

I think my only hope for a point today is that I helped introduce you bountiful baskets. I am actually a co-site coordinator down here in ut county and I think it is amazing that they pull this off the way they do. it is no small undertaking! all volunteers!

I DO know which post you recently did that also uses this song, but don't think I should answer it since I had to google the song first to find out what it was... so I figure I cheated to start with... so I'm sticking with my 1 point for BB-tip please....

Jake said...

This maybe one of those things that you feel is important to our family, but since Robert won't remember it I can't say there is anything to this rumor you speak of. With that in mind I will say there is nothing significant about this particular musical and I defy you to prove me wrong.

We got Forever Strong for Christmas and I have watched it numerous times since then. Facing the Giants is another good sports/christian movie. It's pretty corny and the acting is pretty poor, but I love it and I'm looking to buy it someday.

I would say that Return with Honor is the worst "mormon cinema" movie we have watched, alas we have watched a lot of those movies and it's definitely top 5 but I can't rank it above such winners as: Money or Mission, or The Pirates of the Great Salt Lake (we own that one by the way).

Charlotte said...

Melissa scores again!

10 points for the name of the song
5 points for the name of the musical
2 points for Tevye (spelled incorrectly)
1 point for the amusing story about my friend Larry.

Total points = 18 Wow!


2 points for knowing the music to a musical that you've never actually seen

3 points for joining me in the laundry-for-days club

Total points--5


3 points for what is surely the longest comment that has ever been left on this blog!

1 point for knowing Topol

1 point for spelling Tevye correctly

3 points for seeing the movie six times (1/2 a point each)

2 points for giving me a reason to look at "Sabbath Prayer" differently than I have before.

1 point for singing the songs all day.

total points= 11


1 point for the BB tip
3 points for being a co-site coordinator
2 points for honesty above and beyond what is generally shown here at MMM

Total points = 6


First of all, MOM played in a community theatre production of Fiddler on the Roof when we lived in Georgia. Now, if you want to take on our mother by saying that this is not significant, be my guest, but I wouldn't advise it.

1 point for loving Forever Strong
3 points (one point each) for enduring Money or Mission, the Pirates of the Great Salt Lake and Return with Honor.

Total points = 4

There are still 5 non-whim points available--for a decription of the post here that uses this song.

Doug said...

Sorry Charlotte you are wrong. This musical is important to the B and B Corry family because this is one of the few musicals that I have been to. Maegan and I went with Robert and ShaLiece in the summer of 2008 while it was playing at the Utah Shakespearean Festival.

Charlotte said...

Okay Dougie. You win.

1 point for having seen the Musical
1 point for going with Robert & ShaLiece
1 point for taking the time to type in the word verification
1 point for joining in on the fun.

Doug is on the board with four big ones!

Heather Albee-Scott said...

Hehehe, I'm glad to see you have a celebrity boyfriend...I have many!

Charlotte said...


Who are some of your celebrity boyfriends? My inquiring mind wants to know!

Heather Albee-Scott said...

First, love that I got a point without playing by the rules...thank you!!

Second, my celebrity boyfriends include Colin Firth, Bradley Cooper (not a fan of his movies, but of him), Hugh Grant (but only in certain films), Brad Pitt (I know, obvious, but still...), George Clooney, Andrew Lincoln (British actor), Will Smith, Matthew McConaughey...oh dear, I have quite a list, don't I?!

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