Wednesday, March 03, 2010

(so how come) I'm the mother of the year?

One of my favorite ways to teach "my" Primary children the songs of the Gospel is by telling them stories from the scriptures. I paraphrase, using my own words, and lots and lots of exclamation points. It's not all that hard to do, since when I think about all the amazing stories that are in the scriptures, exclamation points just seem to come naturally.

So, not long ago, I was practicing the telling of part of the story of Enoch the prophet. If you've never read that story, or haven't read it lately, you might want to go here (start on verse 26 of chapter 6 and read through the end of Chapter 7 for the full effect): and get a little refresher. It's a pretty exciting story, one that I'd kind of forgotten. I particularly like the part where the Lord tells Enoch that the mountains will flee before him and the rivers will turn in their course at his (Enoch's) word, and then, one chapter later, they do. Talk about exciting!

So, anyway, I was in the living room, practicing the telling of this story, using all kinds of hand motions, and exclamation points, and questions (to my imaginary audience of children) like, "Can you believe that?" and "Isn't that amazing?"

It was going well. I was having a great time, and had almost forgotten that I was the mother of a highly mobile, highly curious, and highly inventive toddler.

And then, I heard a sound that made my blood curdle.

The sound of a million Cheerios hitting the floor at once.

I entered the kitchen, and this is what I found:

quirky 3-10

quirky 3-10


10 points for the name of the song

5 points for the name of the musical

2 points for the name of the character who sings the song

1 point each for the names of the actors who played any of the main characters in the 1982 movie production made of this musical

Other points awarded by whim


Anonymous said...

Song is Little Girls
From Annie
Character is Miss Hannagan
And Burnadette Peters and Tim Curry was in it

Anonymous said...

Carol Burnett

Jake said...

I don't know the actors, but I do know some of the characters and I think I should get points for those.

Daddy Warbucks - played by a guy that looks like Patrick Stewart
FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt
I believe there was an orphan named Pepper and maybe Molly
Of course there was Annie, and Miss Hanigan

Another interesting note is that the movie and play were based on the comic strip that was to future conservatives what Doonesbury is to Liberals today.

Unfortunately Daddy Warbucks invested a portion of his hard earned cash in a company named Enron. He wasn't too bad off because he put the rest of his money in the hands of a well qualified investor named Bernard Madoff. Fortunately for Mr Warbucks he doesn't have to worry about what Mr Maddoff did to his money last year because he was diagnosed with alzheimers 8 years ago and currently resides in a nursing home in upstate New York. The silver lining to the story is that now that his assets have been depleted the government is picking up the tab for his nursing home bills. In the end the FDR's new deal has paved the way for Mr Warbucks to live out his last days in the comfort of a Medicare approved nursing home.

Tasha said...

I have pictures of my kids doing the same thing - which they no doubt got from their father who has eaten a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios (never the generic brand) a day since he was two. When he was on his mission, his parents used to send some to him as he couldn't always find them in England.

But to make you feel happier about this situation, it's nothing compared to the time when my mom found my brother, having dumped one or two boxes of cream of wheat all over the floor, lying in the middle making snow angels.

Hoping for points for funny stories and point of reference for being married to Enoch and living in the City of Enoch (seriously, how many people can say that ?!?)

Carol said...

There were 2 very popular versions of the Annie movie. The 1982 version starred the following (this is the version that most are referring to here).

Annie - Aileen Quinn
Daddy Warbucks - Albert Finney
Miss Hannigan - Carol Burnett
Grace Farrell - Ann Reinking
Rooster Hannigan - Tim Curry
Lily St. Regis - Bernadette Peters
Punjab - Geoffrey Holder

There is a Molly - but I don't remember who played her.

In the 1999 version (this was a tv version) the actors were:

Daddy Warbucks - Victor Garber (you might also know him as a not so nice person in Titanic, The First Wives Club and Legally Blond)
Miss Hannigan - Kathy Bates
Lily St. Regis - here's the connection to Monday - Kristin Chenoweth
Rooster Hannigan - Alan Cuming
Annie - Alicia Morton
Grace Farrell - Audra McDonald
Punjab - not in this version

Here's the confession - I did cheat and look up Punjab. I couldn't remember who played him! Obviously I am hoping for some 'whim' points!!

Carol said...

Whoops - I also forgot to mention that I love the fashion statement Heather is making. One shoe, pink outfit with green beads. This will be fun to show to a future husband!

It reminds me of a picture I have of my niece. I hadn't made her dress up clothes yet (she was only 2 - each of my nephews and niece got a huge dress up chest when they were three. I made most of the clothes and supplemented with Halloween sale items). The boys came to the house wearing their cowboy hats and vests. Laura didn't have one, so she wore another hat I had made for a little cultural diversity (it was one of those little caps that you see in some African countries). It totally didn't match and then she sat in her favorite place in the kitchen - the cupboard by the oven. It is the best and I can't wait to share this with her future husband!! (Well, I can wait - she is only 16.)

Sorry for the long comments - I just can't help myself sometimes!

Kami Willis said...

I will never be able to compete at this game. I am hopeless when it comes to song lyrics. But I am enjoying observing the competition.

When I was little my Mom kept my hair short and curly and as a form of torture my cousins all called me Annie. As I'm sure you can imagine I loved it.

Jeri said...

dang dang dang!!!! I would have to choose today to go back to sleep after my exercising. I actually KNEW one!

Anonymous said...

Cheerios on the floor at home is always better then Cheerios on the floor at church :) Out bishop has banned them :)

Jeri said...

smart bishop!

Charlotte said...

Wowsa! I'm loving this!

It's a word verification day!

Melissa - - 10 points for song
5 points for musical
2 points for character
3 points for three actors
1 point for word verification

If you weren't in the lead, I'd give you points for having a forward-thinking Bishop, but we need to give the competition a chance, I'm thinking.

total points: 21


1/2 a point each for 8 characters (no points for Miss Hannagan)=

4 points
3 points for interesting tidbits on the Annie Comic Strip
5 points for an overwhelming amount of creativity and finding a way to bring Bernard Madoff into the conversation.
1 point for word verification

total points = 12

Tasha --

3 points for having pictures the same as me

10 (yes, TEN!) points for the mental image of Diane Decker finding Ryan Decker making Cream of Wheat Angels in the kitchen. (I about died laughing)

2 points for living in Enoch
2 points for being married to Enoch
2 points for the fact that you may be the only person in the world who can say both of those things.

1 point for word verification

Total Points= 19


3 points for knowing the names of the actors who played 1982 Annie, Daddy, and Grace (no points for the others, as they were either already written here or you cheated to get it)

1 point for Victor Garber
1 point for naming other movies Victor Garber has been in
1 point for Kathy Bates
1 point for Kristin Chenoweth
1 point for Kristin C connecting to Mondays post--yippee!
1 point for alicial morton
1 point for alan cuming
1 point for audra mcdonald

3 points for the African hat story
1 point for general length of comments (I like them long)
1 point for word verification

total points=16


1 point for word verification
2 points for joining in on the fun
2 points for having to be called "annie" as a child

Total points = 5


1 point for word verification
2 points for the fact that we share the same opinion as Melissa's bishop.

total points = 3

Whew!! That's a lot of counting! You guys are going to wear me out, but we all know that I'm lovin' every minute of it!

(feel free to check my math)

Jake said...


Charlotte said...

Yup. Thirteen. Ya want me to do your taxes?


I'll change it on the sidebar.

Carol said...

Thanks for being so kind on the points! It was fun to finally know something about the musical being posted. I hope you have a great day!

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