Thursday, March 25, 2010

me here at last on the ground, you in mid-air

Lightning Round!

2 points for the name of the song
2 more points for the name of the musical

(other points awarded by whim, as always)

(pictures have nothing to do with the answer, generally speaking)

quirky 3-10


Anonymous said...

Send In The Clowns.

I know it is an Andrew Lloyd Webber because it is on our Andrew Lloyd Webber gold CD.

Charlotte said...


I handed this one to you on a SILVER PLATTER!!! Now you'll NEVER get it!

2 points to Melissa for the name of the song.

Unfortunately, you are incorrect as to the composer. Alas.

Anonymous said...

or maybe it is not, I just looked it up to find the musical title and find it isn't written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, I will have to go down and see what CD it is on then.

Anonymous said...

Ah, it is on the Best of Broadway CD. Sorry Doug, I thought about not posting as I figured this one was meant for you but I was just so excited to know one after not knowing the last 4.

Can I give my 2 points to Doug? He should get them for this one. He is probably doing something productive like studying and just couldn't get here in time.

Doug said...

Nooooooooo!!!!! we were out at dinner at the olive garden and just returned. It is after all our five year anniversary today. The play is "A little night music" by that Sondheim guy. I think this is correct. I have to be honest I did research this but it was at the first of the MMM. I don't know if that is a disqualification or not, but it was before this post was posted.

Charlotte said...

Sorry Melissa, but not a chance. I even cheated for Doug, and called him this morning and left a message on his cell phone telling him that he should check the blog at 6:00 p.m. Utah time. NO ONE got that kind of treatment this year.

If he thinks that dental school and being prepared to support his family is more important than MMM, then that's just too bad for him.

Priorities, priorities.

I'll give him one point just for kicks though.

Charlotte said...

Okay Doug--our comments crossed in cyberspace.

You're right! Right about the Musical (2 points), and right about the composer (1 point).

We'll keep the 1 point I gave you in the last comment, just because it is your anniversary after all, and I completely forgot. AND I called you ON YOUR ANNIVERSARY and didn't even mention it. It's the least (and I do mean the LEAST) I can do.

Sorry Roberto--Doug pulls ahead.

Cedar B&B said...

Now I need to plead Robert's case. He's been here all afternoon slaving away, finishing up our new kitchen. And except for the tile, which he can't finish until the new countertops are put in, while should happen tomorrow, he has finished his work. He hasn't had time to sit at the computer and check songs. He has been so busy! He deserves a least one pity point for all he has done. You will be so impressed with our new look! Robert has done a masterful job. And tomorrow he'll begin to take out the walls in the bathrooms! And he has been listening to the radio that you all gave me and he just put in. That's worth another point, because I can finally use my Christmas present!

Harmony said...

That is one SCARY photo you found Charlotta!

Anonymous said...

Mom, do you have pictures of your kitchen. If you do, can you bring them to Chicago. I can't wait to see your kitchen.

Charlotte said...

All right, All right!

One more point to Robert for extraordinary work in taking care of the homestead. Also in recognition of the fact that he couldn't get on the computer because his mother was too busy racking up points for the oldies to let him have a chance.

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