Friday, March 26, 2010

a little history, and a little fun

This winter, while better than some I've experienced, wasn't my favorite.

This winter we've dealt with sickness and fatigue and surgeries and expensive diagnostic tests where I was afraid of what the results would be (the results were fine, by the way) and some other junk.

And then towards the middle of February, we lost our dear friend Phil.


Last year, I started midwinter musical madness around the middle of February. This year I was all wrapped up in the passing of our Phil, and so many other things that went along with that, and I didn't even think about midwinter musical madness for awhile.

When I did think about it, I decided that it wouldn't be appropriate to do something so silly right then.

And to be honest, I wasn't feeling up to it anyway.

A week or two passed. I attended the funeral for Phil, had many conversations with Heidi, had a few conversations with Eric, prayed many prayers, and started feeling more hope and more joy.

I thought about midwinter musical madness then, but I decided that since spring was just around the corner anyway, I might as well skip it all this year and start up again in 2011.

Around that time I received an e-mail from my cousin Tasha. She thanked me for a little gift I had sent her, and gave me some ideas for a few different products for the ole etsy store (Star Wars beanies, anyone?) . She ended her message with this:

"Hope you and yours are doing well, that your hearts are healing and being comforted and that sometime soon you will feel cheery enough to reinstate your musical madness game so I can find reasons to try to talk you into giving me more points. I need some silliness in my life about now but don't seem to be able to find the creativity to create my own - yet."

The next day I announced the start of Midwinter Musical Madness 2010.

You were all awesome.

I loved it.

I've laughed more over this blog in the past month than I've laughed in ages. What a treat! What a bunch of crack-ups you are! What musical prowess!

Thank you.

* * *

And now, for the real reason you tuned in today:

So, you know in the first Harry Potter book, how Dumbledore awards some last minute points in the House Cup Competition, and even though it looks like Gryffindoor is in last place, they end up winning it all?

(Don't worry Melissa--you'll still get your bragging rights.)

As owner and manager of the Midwinter Musical Madness Competition, I hereby award Tasha FIFTY whim points, for being the reason that we even had MMM this year.

And now, I present to you our Midwinter Musical Madness Champions:

In third place, and winning an item that is yet to be determined, we have:


In second place, and winning a post full of cheesy poetry AND either a $50 gift certificate to Salutations! Crochet Treasures OR an autographed copy of Be Still My Soul, we have:

(Tasha gets whatever Carol doesn't choose)

And, in first place, for the second year in a row, we have:

A woman who is well on her way to becoming a dynasty in the world of Midwinter Musical Madness,
the newest owner of a custom-made Salutations! Crochet Treasures heaband:

quirky 3-10

And now . . . .

On to spring!!!


Jeri said...

Congratulations Melissa. I'm going to have to brush up on some musicals in preparation for next year... you skunked us all this year!

Thanks Tasha for being the imspiration to jump start this year's game...

THANK YOU Charlotte. it was great! looking forward to next year, when hopefully I'll actually know a few of the songs...

Kami Willis said...

Thanks for the fun. You are awesome!!!

Harmony said...

I approve. Tasha deserves the 50 points for instigating all the fun and laughter some of us didn't even realize we were missing in our lives. Still, I think the real reason you gave her 50 points was so you didn't have to go back through dozens of comments trying to figure out how to split my points and Jeff's points apart. :-) That's okay. I still approve. Thanks for all the fun. MMM got me through the doldrums almost all the way to Spring Break!

Charlotte said...

Oh Harmony--you know me too well.

(and I knew you wouldn't mind--so I know you pretty well too, I'd say.)

Tasha said...

Yea!!! What great news on a day that I have spent tabulating survey results. I'm so excited and happy Harmony understood - maybe to celebrate Harmony's good sportsmanship, you can pass the poetry writing torch for an honorary poem for my favorite sister-in-law whose name starts with an H - what d'ya think? Or you can just write it, whichever :)

Charlotte said...

Hey, I'm ALL FOR THAT! What do you say Harmony?

Harmony said...

I'm not following here. Tasha wants me to receive the cheesy poetry? I would love a Charlotee poem, but I thought Carol won the poetry, not Tasha.

Or does Tasha want me to write the poetry? That's not my forte', but for Tasha I could maybe come up with something. I don't know Carol outside of MMM, so that would be quite a bit more difficult. Sorry Carol. I really think you'd prefer Charlotte's poetry anyway. If you got a poem from me you might feel cheated out of your well-deserved second place prize. :-)

Melissa said...

Yippee Skipee, the beginning of a dynasty, and I am so excited about my headband. I like the picture you choose too. Seeing that quilt makes me want to start another appliqué one. It was so fun to make :)

Thanks Again Char, Good Times! Good Times! And I agree whole heartily with On to Spring!!

Tasha said...

Harm - I was saying that I could borrow the cheesy poem writing torch from Charlotte to write a poem for you if she doesn't want to...

Charlotte said...

Oh--I am ALL OVER that! But only if you'll let me post the poem here as well as on your blog, Tasha.

As for you Carol--never fear. You'll get your own Charlotte special cheesy poem. And while we're at it, shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment to let me know whether you want the crochet stuff or the CD, okay?

amy greenway said...

So wait, remind me what 8th place gets. kidding.

Harmony said...

I completely misunderstood! I would be honored to receive a cheesy poem from Tasha, although I must say that I would hate to be the one to put anything else on her plate right now. So, no obligation, 'kay Tash?

deutschlehrer said...

I feel so. . .so. . . Slytherin-like!
But Congratulations to Tasha for bringing it all about. Enjoy your headbands and your music everyone.

Carol said...

Well, I'm a little late to this party. Friday afternoon got crazy and when I got home I knew that the cold I had been avoiding all winter was right on top of me. On my way home I picked up some cold medicine (the one I usually buy wasn't in stock and since it was snaining [snow/rain] I wasn't going to stop somewhere else. I took the appropriate dosage and it knocked me out. It literally took me until this morning to begin to feel human again!

I am thrilled to have come in second. Last year I was amazed by Melissa's talent and spent some time listening to a variety of musicals. I wanted to be able to at least hop in on the game. I am so happy I could do this well.

The choices are difficult - but I can't pass up the opportunity to have an autographed copy of Be Still My Soul! Thank you, thank you!! Tasha - have fun shopping!

Charlotte - thanks for so much fun! It was great and I will be spending more time 'tuning up' any skills I have with musical lyrics. Mostly I want to thank you for the fun friendship of everyone on here - it breaks up the every day humdrum!

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