Monday, March 01, 2010

It's all grand! And it's all green!

In honor of the beginning of March, and St. Patrick's Day, and the hope of imminent spring . . .

quirky 3-10

I changed our bathroom decor.

Welcome to my favorite month of the year.
(Happy (early) Birthday, Dad)

(only eleven shopping days left until Charlotta-Day 2010)

Other people of note with March Birthdays:
President Spencer W. Kimball
My Mom
My Cousin Jeff Scott

And, I think that's definitely enough randomness and font size changes and alignment changes for one day.

10 points for the name of the song.
5 points for the name of the musical from which the song comes.
2 points (each) for the names of the characters who sing the song.
2 points (each) for the names of the actors who played the characters who sang the song in the original Broadway production.

Other points awarded as whims dictate.

REMEMBER--this is a competition of wits! No using Google! You're on your honor!


Jake said...

One short day
From Wicked
Chistina Chinowith
Edina Mendez
elphaba and Glenda and ensemble

Jake said...

Boom Score 1 for Jake. I didn't even google any of this stuff I just asked Melissa who's folding laundry at the end of the bed. She doesn't know I posted the answers under my profile yet.

Anonymous said...
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Tasha said...

Didn't know that one, but in honor of the fact that I used my manipulation skills last time, I think it's appropriate that I throw out that all three of my kids birthdays are in March - and they are all having a party this year. Sure, that may not be so bad, but their birthdays are the 15, 27 and 31 - that's three birthday parties in 16 days and I need some love :)

Anonymous said...

It starts already! One of these days I am going to learn not to believe him when he says he is posting under my name. Correction on Jacob's typing Idina Menzel - not Edina Mendez.

Jake said...

I have a daughter who was born in March as well and I think I should get points because I didn't point out earlier that you neglected to give a shout-out to your niece who was born the day after your birthday.

Charlotte said...

Wow, the conniving begins right off the bat, huh?


I'll check in later to award some points.

Also, in light of the fact that we have to do the dreaded word verification thing this year, everyone who takes the time to weigh in will get one point. (Not a point for each comment though). This may be a "today only" deal. I haven't decided.

Hasta, amigos!

Jeri said...

well dang - if all I have to do is type in the word verification and weigh in - gimme that POINT! (on a totally unrelated, feel sorry for me, kinda note... boy oh boy can I "WEIGH IN" my dedicated exercising 3 - 5 times per week, at 5 am in the morning no less, has had the glorious affect of helping me GAIN weight!)

Jake and Tasha are pretty slick at this conniving thing. Me thinks it is shaping up to be a fun game!

Charlotte said...

All right--here are the points I've awarded so far:

Melissa--10 points for song, 5 points for musical, 4 points for characters, 4 points for actors, 1 point for word verification = 24 points total.

Jake--1 point for word verification, 2 points for a daughter with a March birthday, 1 point offered as an olive branch for forgetting that birthday= 4 points total

Tasha--6 points for three children with March birthdays, 3 points for being the kind of mom who will throw three birthday parties in two weeks, 1 point for word verification= 10 points total

Jeri--1 point for word verification, and four points because I know EXACTLY how it feels to work out and out and out (although not at 5 a.m., thank you very much) and still gain weight, and I think you could use a little love for that=6 points total.

Not bad for a first day!

Note--I spoke with Melissa this morning, and got her blessing to alter the prize package to make things a little more interesting. There will be an official post about this as soon as I can think of an appropriate title--so watch for that.

Thanks guys! This has been the best part of my day!

Jeri said...

I really don't want to give up my HARD EARNED point, but (miz. accountant...) you may want to check your math. as far as I know... 4 + 1 usually equals 5. (but feel free to let me keep that extra point just for being such a math whiz!!)!

Charlotte said...

Gulp! You're right. I'll give you that one point for honesty though.

(We accountants tend to use adding machines, and that one I did in my head.)


Carol said...

I know I am a day late and likely more than a dollar short, but I would like to point out that Christina Chinowith is actually Kristin Chenoweth. Any points here for a late note?

Charlotte said...

Excellent point! (I was wondering if anyone would catch that).

Two points to Carol for the correct name and spelling of Glinda/Galinda, AND one point for the headache of word verification!

You're on the board Carol!

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