Friday, March 05, 2010

it may come cannon balling down through the sky, gleam in its eye, bright as a rose

To get the full effect of the title, you have to say it in your mind really quickly and with a certain amount of jumpy rhythm.

Just a helpful hint from me to you.

* * *

Just so you know, usually during Midwinter Musical Madness, I write the post, and then I scan my brain for a song lyric that (more or less) fits, and I put that as the title.

However, yesterday morning, as I was climbing the stairs with my little Heather-backpack clutching my tight-and-tender shoulders, I got thinking about musical lyrics that I especially love. I thought of this one (the one in the title, that is). I also thought of the entire song from The Secret Garden that goes,

"D - E- A- R Uncle Archie, how are you?

I'm fiiiiiiiiiine.


Please come hooome."

But, this isn't Secret Garden day, so we'll leave that for now.

Anyway, I decided that I'd deviate from my usual modus operandi and write a post around a title, instead of the other way around. So, with that lengthy introduction, here is the not-as-lengthy post:

(which is really more like a couple of thoughts.)

* * *

In times like these, it seems like there's quite a bit to be pessimistic about.

(I actually just went through the pain of writing some of the things that we have to be pessimistic about, and I got feeling discouraged and heavy, and this isn't that kind of blog, and this certainly isn't that kind of post. So I've deleted all the specifics. You all know that there's a lot to be pessimistic about, and we're just going to leave it at that for now.)

In light of all that, I love the hope that is portrayed in this lyric. "gleam in its eye", "bright as a rose", and of course my very favorite, "Cannon balling down through the sky!" Wa-hoo! Good things are on their way! Good, gleamy, bright, cannon-balling things are on their way!

What could be better?

Another way I like to think about all of this is expressed pretty perfectly by President Thomas S. Monson.

He says, "The future is a bright as your faith."

quirky 3-10
Gleamy-eyed cannon-balling faith in the future.

That's what I'm talkin' about.

-10 points for the name of the song
-5 points for the name of the Musical

-(no points for any Secret Garden references, so don't even try it!)

-5 points if you can give the name of my relative who sang the lead role in this musical (and this song) in his High School Production of said musical

-Other points awarded by whim.


Jake said...

I only know of the high school musicals of two of my relatives and since your blog of bad times doesn't fit Oklahoma to me I'm saying Deelynn Corry singing something out of West Side Story.

Since that may not give me any points I'm going to plead for points for the following reasons:
1. I'm typing this on my iPod because my laptop won't work with the hotel Internet
2. I'm here without Melissa and the kids so I'm sadly missing them, but I get to go home tomorrow so my rosey future is near
3. I went to palmyra yesterday and without being too sacriligeous, the title could be used to very loosely describe something like what happened here and if that event didn't bring hope than I don't know what does. As proof of the filfilment of that hope I did a session in the temple overlooking the grove (pretty neat)

I'm not proofreading this so sorry if there are any errors

Kami Willis said...

I actually know this one.

It's the song "Something's Coming" from West Side Story and it's sung by Tony. My music teacher in middle school said it was the most optimisitic song ever written for the stage.

Jeri said...

missed it again. I KNEW I shouldn't have tried to clean the kitchen when March Musical Madness was going on!

This may be a stretch, (but isn't everything in this game...)but since you and I are "practically" sisters, wouldn't that make MY family members pretty much like YOUR relatives??? This being so, it was my brother, MIKE F. who played the role of Tony in HIS school production of West Side story.

Anonymous said...

Alas, a sad showing for Melissa today. The only songs I know from West Side Story are I Feel Pretty, Somewhere, and the first line from the Jet song. I suppose I have another soundtrack to listen to. I can always use optimistic songs :)

amy greenway said...

Music by Leonard Bernstein...I think? Pretty sure? Points?

Charlotte said...


You forgot--Becca was in "Damn Yankees" as well as "Oklahoma". (And Dad was the non-singing lead in "Brigadoon") But you're right, it was Dee. So,

5 points for a good guess on DeLynn
5 points for a good guess on the musical
1 point for taking the time to use the ipod
1 point for having to do word verification with the ipod (no one else gets word verification points today)
2 points for the general coolness of being in Palmyra.

Total=14 points

10 points for knowing the song
(no points for the Musical, since Jake already guessed it)
2 points for knowing that Tony sings it
1 point for having an awesome middle school music teacher

Total=13 points

5 points for reminding me that my adopted brother sang this role as well as my cousin

1 point for admitting to the world that we are "practically" sisters

3 points for cleaning a kitchen on a Friday (hey, you have to get some reward, right?)

Total=9 points

2 points for naming two other songs from the musical (you get nothing for knowing the first line of the Jet song. How do I know you didn't just make that up? You didn't even prove it by taking the time to type up those words!)

Total=2 points


1 point for joining in on the fun!
2 points for the correct composer of the music.

Total=3 points You're on the board!

* * *

I think that wraps it up for the official points on this one, but there are always whim points to be gained, of course.

Amy--you might want to check out the post dated March 1. There are still some points hanging out there, and judging from your performance last year, I think there's a possibility (although perhaps a small possibility) that you could do well there.

Happy Friday!

(as always--feel free to check my math.)

Harmony said...

I'd forgotten this song was from "West Side Story," but I knew exactly which song it was as soon as I saw the title of your post. My favorite version is from Barbra Streisand's "The Broadway Album." I think I gave my dad a cassette of it for Christmas one year when I was a teen, and he and I used to enjoy listening to it together. A couple years later he typed up wallet-sized lyrics of this song and laminated them for me. At the time I was headed toward the pessimistic vortex of doom and depression, but I didn't see it. I suspect maybe he was trying to warn me and head me off with a cannonball and a gleam and a rose.

Elder Holland has a quote similar to President Monson's in my favorite article from the January 2010 Ensign:

"Look ahead and remember that faith is always pointed toward the future."

(Jeffrey R. Holland, “The Best Is Yet to Be,” Ensign, Jan 2010, 22–27)

Harmony said...

P.S. Jeff wants to know if we can team up for points. He knew that, along with DeLynn, Missy J. played Maria, Vance S. played Bernardo, Brian D. was Riff, and Tony D. was one of the other Jets.

Charlotte said...

Harmony and Jeff--the whims are with you today. I say yes! You can team up for points. Depending on how much flack I get from Jake and Melissa though, this may end up being a one-day deal. (If you'd ever had to deal with a Jake/Melissa team-up (and I'm NOT talking about this game), you'd know why I'm making that caveat now. Honestly, I'm no match for them.)

So, here you go:

2 points for mentioning one of my all time favorite albums

1 point for giving your dad such an awesome gift when you were (probably) a little on the self-absorbed side (being a teenager and all).

1 point for having a dad who was wise enough to give you the song back when you needed it.

1 point simply for the ultra-expressive phrase "pessimistic vortex of doom and depression", which I absolutely love, and will probably be using from time to time (hopefully just once every decade or so though.)

2 points for giving me (and all of us) another great quote on faith and hope.

4 points for the listing of four more of the CHS singing/acting elite of the 2007-08 school year.

(Incidentally, I believe Jennifer J. played Anita, and I know that Stacey C. and Cathy L. were also in the show. Also Chris C.

I remember Mr. Dunaway telling us in Acappella choir one day that Missy was better in the role than Natalie Wood, and I guess if you consider the fact that Missy did her own singing and Natalie Wood did not, he probably had a point there.)

Total Points= 11

The Harmony/Jeff team ROARS on to the board! Beware!

Harmony said...

Wahoo! Thank you Charlotte! We'll take what we can get. Let me assure Jake and Melissa and all other players that they have absolutely NO reason to feel threatened by our team-up. We are just happy to be on the board. I can see why Jake might have reason to be resentful if you don't let him team up with Melissa, but I don't believe Melissa needs Jake's help.

Oh, and I think you meant the singing/acting elite of the '87-'88 school year. Yes, I know. I don't feel that old either. :-)

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