Monday, March 01, 2010

I'm the Arbiter, I know the score

So, after consulting with various parties, I've come up with a minor modification in the Showcase Showdown Prize Package for the winner of our little game here.

If at the end of this little friendly (albeit cut-throat) competition we find that our winner . . .

--Has won before, and therefore has already had a non-birthday poetry post done for her,


--Already owns a Be Still, My Soul CD and can get another one (or twenty) anytime she wants simply by calling her sister-in-law or her mother-in-law,


--Was on the receiving end of at least $50 worth of crocheted goods made by the owner of Salutations! Crochet Treasures on December 26, 2009,


Said winner will receive the place of honor on the sidebar, and a custom made crocheted hairband only.

The person coming in second place will receive a non-birthday poetry post and their choice of the $50 gift certificate or the CD.

The person coming in third place will receive whatever the person coming in second place doesn't choose.


If this scenario does not occur, then we'll just go back to plan A, which is that the first-place winner will get the whole ball of wax.

Crystal Clear?

I thought so.

10 points for the name of the song

5 points for the name of the musical

3 points if you happen to know the name (maiden name or married name acceptable) of my roommate who originally introduced me to this song and this musical by playing her copy of the cast recording in our bedroom in the evenings.

5 points if you happen to be said roommate and have read this far down in the post.

3 points if you can name the song from this musical that made it to #3 on the popular music charts in the U.S.

Other points awarded by whim.

Good luck!


Jake said...

I'm saying the roommate is Jeri.

Anonymous said...

I don't know the musical but I am going to guess Heidi for the roommate.

Bamamoma said...

I'm going to say that I'm not the roommate.

Jeri said...

I googled it (that's what I do when I have no clue...) but I won't give it away here. And since I know I'm NOT the roommate, and my first choice of Heidi is apparently not correct... I'm going with roommate MELISSA E.

Charlotte said...

3 points to Jeri for the correct roommate, and 2 points to Heidi (Bamamoma) for being the first commenter to write a correct response.

Heidi's on the board!

Eighteen non-whim points are still hanging out there for the taking . . .

amy greenway said...

You're a life saver and a score saver (mine). I know this one, I know this one!!!! It's from Chess! It's just called "The Arbiter" I think. The Bangkok song was the popular song...ummmm, One night in Bangkok. AND most importantly, the reason I know about Chess AT ALL. There was a time that I L-O-V-E-D, LOVED ABBA and found out that Benny and Bjorn had something to do with this musical so I had to listen. I still love ABBA, but I don't have a shrine for them or anything. :) Almost totally unrelated but interesting fact - Elder Holland also likes to listen to ABBA. Information from his son that I confirmed when I visit taught his daughter. :)

Charlotte said...

And AMY gets the 18 non-whim points! Congratulations Amy Belle!

Jeri said...

I totally think she deserves at LEAST 1 WHIM point for knowing that Elder Holland likes to listen to ABBA. Who woulda guessed??? - but YOU are the ARBITER, and You know the score, so I leave it in your capable hands!

Charlotte said...

Okay, Jeri. If you're going to put your own standing in jeopardy by calling for points to be awarded to your opponent, who am I to argue?

One MORE point to Amy for knowing and sharing that interesting tidbit about President Holland.

Cheers to all!

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