Monday, March 15, 2010

I'll be wearing ribbons down my back this summer

(this is a prime example of why we only go to Ikea every other year)

So, while you're all in a commenting mood, I thought I'd take care of a little bit of business.

My mom makes hats. Have I mentioned this? She does.

She makes hats for the Utah Shakespearean Festival. Every year she makes around one hundred hats, sells them to the SUU bookstore, and they are sold in the gift shop for the Utah Shakespearean Festival. It's a pretty sweet deal, probably for both parties.

(Those hat sales paid for my Lasik surgery back in 2000. I'd say it's been a pretty sweet deal for me too.)

This summer, in addition to making hats for the Utah Shakespearean Festival, my dear mother is going to be teaching patrons of the Utah Festival Opera how to make hats.

Yes, that's right dearies, my mother is going to join the ranks of Craig Jessop (former director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir), Michael Ballam (big-time opera singer and the youngest person ever to graduate from Indiana University with a Doctor of Musical History degree), Gina Wickwar (former Royal Historian of Oz and published author) and others as part of the faculty of the Utah Festival Academy this summer.

Kind of cool, huh? I think so.

Anyway, she and I were talking about this not long ago, and she confessed that she's been having a bit of trouble determining what kinds of hats she should teach. I mean, she specializes in hats from the Elizabethan Era, but really, she can pretty much make and teach hats from any time period or genre. So, we determined that this might be as good a place as any to get a not-so-random sampling of what the masses want, per se. I wasn't originally planning on doing it all as part of Midwinter Musical Madness, but I decided that I might as well go for it. It's not like we're being strict about anything around here, and so why not?

quirky 3-10
So, friends, I ask you--If you were going to attend a workshop where you would learn how to make a hat, what type (or types) of hat(s) would you like to learn how to make?

(You don't have to choose a style of hat from the collage above. Those are just there to give you ideas.)

(If you're shy, feel free to e-mail me your response at charlottelaughs at gmail dot com, and I'll be sure it gets to my mom. You won't get any points though. Midwinter Musical Madness is only for the brave I'm afraid.)

only 5 points for the name of the song this time, 'cause I'm practically giving it to you

5 points for the name of the musical

5 points for the name of the character who sings the song

5 points for correctly explaining the correlation between the song and the post

10 (yes, TEN) points for honestly answering the last question posed in this post (if you have the same answer as someone else, that's okay.)

3 points for correctly identifying the wacko item that Eric bought our Heather on our previous Ikea trip

other points awarded by whim

{Photo Collage Cobbled from several photos on wikimedia commons}


Anonymous said...

So I don't know the musical but I can answer the last question.

I think mom should do something along a princess theme and then anything wacky crazy. (I like the spike one in the middle) Along with Garlands, these seemed to be the big sellers in the bookstore giftshop when I worked there.

Also, the Jester hats are big and might be a great thing to demonstrate as they are not as complex.

Moms hats are amazing, and I think it is awesome that she will be demonstrating them this year. Will she be doing this all summer?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the last thing bought at IKEA for Heather a large Alligator?

Jeri said...

1 - don't have a clue about this song or musical, but since you say you're giving it away - I'll take a stab and say that it's something along the lines "Ribbons," "Wearing ribbons," or "I'll be wearing ribbons" Something like that. (If that's too many guesses, feel to grant a simple whim-guesser point and give the real point to someone who knows.

2 - I would guess the correlation between song and post is that those chicks (usually in the greenshow) at the festival wear those hat things with the long ribbons that go clear down their backs?

3 - I agree with Melissa, at least I did after reading her post. My initial thought was to do a "fun hat," like a jester one or that spike one you show a photo of. I also LOVE the fruit hat Heather is wearing. But Melissa's idea of Princess hat would also be a hit.

4 - I think the last thing you bought for heather at Ikea was the bib, (not counting a laundry hamper, since that really isn't for her...) but the wacky thing is the big 5 ft alligator. (and yes, I know melissa beat me. just hoping for 1 point for knowing 2 other things you bought at ikea that heather gets some benefit from...)

and lastly - YOUR MOTHER IS AMAZING!!!!!

Tasha said...

I've always been known for my honest opinion - good way for me to get points. While I realize that most of the people who are going to be attending this kind of an event are in the performing arts, one of the qualifiers for me is whether or not the knowledge I'm going to be getting is going to benefit me outside of that particular area, in this case costuming. But I really think that, with hats being INCREDIBLY popular right now, in addition to the costume hats, she should teach how to make some of the really popular hats - newsboy hats, berets, painter hats, etc - things that could certainly be used in the costume situation, but, if that kind of circumstance doesn't come around often, the knowledge gained is still helpful in some way.

Anonymous said...

I like Tasha's idea too. Especially newsboy hats, I assume like the kind they wear in the musical "Newsies". (Do I get a point for tying in another musical :) Those are really popular and cute too!!

Also, I suppose Jeri has the right idea on guessing a title so I will say, "Ribbons Down My Back". That sounds like it could be a title.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I answered my own question about how much mom is doing this. I didn't realize she would be doing it in Logan. (Sorry, I guess I was a little slow on the uptake that she would be joining the others literally and not figuratively). That is way neat!

Charlotte said...

So fun, about the hats, huh?

5 points to Melissa for her hat opinion

3 points for remembering about George, the 5-foot alligator

1 point for finagling a Newsies reference

5 points for the correct title of the song.

Total Points = 14

1 point to Jeri for trying to figure out the title.

1 additional point for giving Melissa motivation to do the same

5 points for hat opinions

3 points for the Ikea stuff--2 points for remembering that the Alligator is 5 feet, and one point for the other guesses

Total Points = 10

Tasha gets 5 points for her hat opinion.

Actually, I agree with you (so I'll give you another point for that ;-) ). Where hats are so popular in regular wardrobes these days, learning how to make a couple for myself or my kids would be a real asset (if I didn't have such an aversion to sewing anyway). Oh, and the opera's target audience for this workshop is actually just regular people, people who like to attend operas & musicals and sit in the audience, rather than performers per se. So, yeah, that's a good point. (of course, a little princess party never hurt anyone either)

Total points = 6


Carol said...

Let me start off with an answer to the 'hat question'. I am not much of a hat wearer myself, but I have made a few. Some were successful, some not so much. So I would like to attend a workshop where the era isn't so important as learning a broad set of skills. For example, I would be interested where I learned the tips/tricks for hats that have a more constructed design (i.e., the top hats); hats that have a less constructed design; how to fit and shape hats; and the basics of working with and finding good materials. I think if we know those basics, we can figure out the rest. So, when I say we that means I would be interested in attending. Yes, I would leave my newly constructed office/sewing room to attend this workshop!

Musical - Hello Dolly (another favorite of mine)

The tie between this post and the musical - the 2 ladies who run the hat shop where Horace Vandergelder is supposed to meet the woman who runs the shop. How perfect - you demon! The character who sings the song? Irene

I do love the Carmen Miranda hat on Heather - it is very cute. I almost expect you to post a video of her singing Chica Chica Boom or South American Way!

Charlotte said...

Wait a minute!

I cheated Jeri, Melissa, and Tasha out of 5 points each. The hat opinion is worth TEN points.

Sorry about that. I'll go add those now.

Anonymous said...

I think Jeri should also get another point for really limiting down the number of options to guess for a song title. I would not have gotten it right had there been so few options left.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe I should share my 5 points with her. Whatever the game master feels is appropriate :)

So I have to admit, finagling points is sure a lot more fun then earning points.

Harmony said...

I'm not much of a hat person either, but, not having anyone interested in princesses at my house, let me throw out a few other masculine ideas.

My boys would be interested in beanies, particularly the kind with the short brims that seem to be "in" these days. I'm thinking they might be more up your alley than your mom's, but who knows.
Something like this without the Hawaiian logo:

As for costume hats, anything superhero would be popular at my house. Also, I think anything Greek god-related would go over big right now, with the Percy Jackson and the Olympian books and movie being so popular. I'm imagining something along the line of a Hermes hat with wings.

Carol said...

Whoops - I forgot to say that the name of the song is "Ribbons Down My Back"!

I'm also surprised you don't give bonus points for an opinion on who is better at the lead in the 2 movie versions - Carol Channing or a young Barbara Streisand. I think both have their merits. I love Carol's quackiness, but I think Barbara does a better job overall!

Charlotte said...

Carol gets 10 points for her hat opinion, 5 points for the name of the musical, 5 points for the character and 5 points for the tie-in. Wow! Good work, Carol!

If you really are interested in coming to the workshop Carol, you can click on the link in the blog, and it will take you to the Utah Festival Opera website, where there is a ton more information.

total points = 25


All right--I'll give Jeri two more points, due to Melissa's lobbying.

Total points = 25
Harmony gets 10 points for hat opinions and another point for giving picture references of her opinion. Also another whim point for mentioning the Percy Jackson books. I'm currently on book three and I read a chapter per night.

total points = 13

Charlotte said...

Jeri only gets two points, not 25. (Dang typos!)

Charlotte said...

Oh, and Harmony only gets 12 points. Ten plus one plus one is 12, not 13.


Charlotte said...

Oh--and another 2 points to Carol--one for the discussion on Barbara Streisand vs. Carol Channing, and one for having a first name that is the same as Carol Channing.

And since we're doing that, we'll give the oldies a point as well, for the fact that Barbara Corry's name is the same (although spelled differently) as Barbra Streisand's.

We're going to have to put an end-date on MMMadness soon you know. I'm starting to enjoy all this unlimited power just a leeetle bit too much.

Carol said...

I think a Charlotte 'drunk on power' is kind of fun! Don't all of you?! ;-)

Jake said...

I think she should teach Santa hats (because everybody needs some of those) and cowboy hats, preferably in hunter orange.

I think you've set a new record on commenting on your own blog on this one Char.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Percy Jackson books. I wish I could have stuck to a chapter a night, I ended up ignoring my kids for large chunks at a time while I read those.

Kami Willis said...

I missed out on everything today as I've been sitting in the recovery room all day with Kyle. I was thinking about Eric's purchase of the alligator the other day when we were at IKEA. It's exactly the sort of thing I could see Kyle wanting to buy.

As for my favorite kind of hat. I love cowboy hats and I would love to be to learn how to make one.

Jeri said...

I've already got my points but I'm back to say - thank melissa for helping me get a few more points!


yes Carol - charlotte drunk on power is FUN


I now agree most with Carol about the hats... teach the BASICS of hat making and then maybe show how to take that basic and turn it into this or that...

Doug said...

Well as for the hats, I think mom should try those golfing hats, you know the ones that the famous golfer Payne Stewart used to wear. Also those roots hats that the Americans wore at 2002 Olympics would be kind of nice, obviously without the word "roots" on the side. Two hats and both from sporting events, I have contributed in the spirit of my reputation, simply fantastic

Charlotte said...


Tell me about it. Talk about comment inflation.

Ten points to you for your hat opinion.

total points = 10



10 points for your hat opinion and 2 points for having to spend the day in the hospital. Yuck, yuck. Hopefully you'll both be getting a break from some of that soon.

Total Points = 12



10 hat opinion points. No points for working sporting events into the mix. Sorry, but the whims just aren't blowing your way at the moments. Still 10 points AND the opportunity to talk golf? I'd say your life is pretty good.

Total points = 10

Robert said...

I'm a little late to the party but as there are a couple of people with only 2 points and I can get 10 just for saying I like the Jester hats I thought I would jump in.

I skimmed over the comments and I didn't see anyone describe Heather's cabana hat that Eric bought her when you went to IKEA over President's day.

I know it's late but if you're still in a giving mood I think I should get extra points for being among the first and quite possibly only family members to see Heather in her lovely hat in person.

Harmony said...

I know all good things must come to an end (until next midwinter of course--it is beginning to look a little bit like spring finally), but you did mention having an idea for another post, so I think you should do at least that one more.

My name is Harmony and I am a binge reader too. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right Melissa? A chapter a day? Sheesh. Some of us haven't reached Charlotte's amazing level of self-control.

Anonymous said...

I laughed and laughed at the term "binge reader". I so fall into that category. I keep trying to have self control but alas, no such luck.

Tasha said...

Oh, oh - fellow members of Binge Readers Anonymous. There is a reason I can't start certain books at certain times in my life. And there are two series that I really want to read, but I can't until I get other things done. At least three books are out in the series - that's like half a week of me not getting stuff done. A chapter a night? Maybe if it's a hard read or I've fought with my eyelids for the 10-15 minutes just to finish that one. I swallowed the Percy Jackson books and chewed later :)

Charlotte said...


Ten points for your hat opinion!

one point for taking the time to mess with the word verification!

two points for being in the first group of people outside of Eric and I to see Heather in her brand new Ikea hat.

one point for taking the time to mention to Ikea cabana hat, AND another point for knowing that it was purchased on President's day.

one more point for joining in on the competition!

Total points = 16 You're on the board!

Oh-and don't worry about coming late to the party. We still have the lightening round coming up (date to be announced later), and there will be plenty plenty plenty of points to be gained then.


Never fear Harmony--we'll do the special spring post, a few other posts, AND the lightening round. I think we have another week or so left of MMM in us.

As to my amazing level of self-control, let's just say that it all depends on the book. For some reason I'm able to put the Percy books down after a chapter or two. Some other books--not so much.


Jeri said...

Hi, my name is Jeri, I am also a binge reader. I have to "ground" myself from the library, because once I have a book - nothing else get's done.

Wow - i feel better now that I got THAT off my chest.

amy greenway said...

It's me finally! I don't have time to read all 30 comments right now so I'll just pretend like I'm the first commenter. The Carmen Miranda hat is from Ikea and Eric proudly modeled it on your lovely child or me and mine. We loved it and approved of the purchase whole-heartedly.

Totally guessing, Easter Parade? Probably not since I can't exactly think of a song it's in, but see the correlation??? I do.

I think your mom should teach them how to make anything that includes a plume. Every hat deserves one. I'm thinking of tacking one onto my ski hat. What flare.

Who sang the song? Well, I know it's broadway, so I could be anyone singing about ribbons down their back, but my official guess is "some woman" sang it and probably really well. They generally do. I definitely know that the "some woman" wasn't me. My singing debut that we discussed (thank you Very much for the help, it was great) is tomorrow and I don't think it's going to land me in the big city.

Lindsey said...

Finally a question I can answer!! I didn't know your mom made cool hats! But then again- she is super cool, so I shouldn't be surprised. :) If I were going to the Shakespearean festival... which I do... which is why I went to SUU... which is how I met Steve... but I digress... I would like to learn to make Shakespearean-ish hats. Because They're just super cool like that! But basically any kind of hat would be awesome!
ps- here's the link for the naan bread I make- she has other recipes too, but this is the only one I've tried thus far. I'm just too in love with my other rice and curry recipe. :)

Charlotte said...

Welcome back Amy, and a big welcome to you, Lindsay!

You each get 10 points for your hat opinions. Amy gets two points for the Carmen Miranda hat expeirence, and another point for a whole bunch of random guesses, none of which were correct. Oh, and we'll throw in another point for luck--considering that tomorrow is your singing debut

Total Amy points = 14

Lindsay gets an additional 3 points for the Naan recipe (can't wait to try it), as well as a point for joining in on the fun and a point for typing in the word verification.

Total Lindsay Points = 15--you're on the board!

amy greenway said...


Jake said...

I'm changing my vote. I think she should only bring red and white material and teach everyone how to makes hats with a big U on them.

All these comments have strayed too far from where Doug wanted us to go so I'm getting us back there.

Charlotte said...

If only points were awarded for geeky-ness Jake, you'd be winning for sure.


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