Sunday, March 21, 2010

how much more can we be joyful when there's really something to be joyful for?

So, this isn't really par for the course for a Sunday post, but I've had an awesome Etsy weekend, and I'm going to exult a little bit.

First, I've decided that I want to be better about acknowledging the birthdays of my friends & family again. To that end, Friday and Saturday I sent messages to several Etsy card shops that I knew were open to trading, and asked them if they wanted to trade with me. Four shop owners replied in the affirmative, and so within the next week or so, I should have a fun little collection of handmade birthday cards to begin my quest. Wa-hoo!

Second, I finished up some more dishcloth sets and listed them in my shop in Friday evening. They had not been listed for more than twelve hours when I got an actual cash sale (not a trade mind you, but a sale for eighteen dollars of cold hard paypal cash) for two sets, from a brand new customer! How fun!

Third, yesterday I received notice that one of my dishcloth sets was featured in an curated collection (a/k/a Etsy Treasury). Today I got notice that yet another set was featured in another curated collection. Yippee! If you want to see those collections, you can click on this link and this link. The collections both expire Tuesday morning though, so if you're reading this after then, the links won't go anywhere.

And then fourth, and perhaps the most exciting of all, I just received word that this woman named Ruby hast featured my brand new bright and colorful quirky over-the-top rastafarian fiesta dishcloths on her blog. What a fun surprise!

quirky 3-10

Yup, things are good in quirksville today. Here's hoping your weekend was fabulous as well.

We've already used this Musical. Sorry about that. Cut me some slack, will ya?

10 points for the song

3 points for the Musical (because I just gave you a huge hint as to what it was)

3 points if you can correctly spell the word that starts with an "L" that is the fifth word of the chorus of this song (I can't)

Other points awarded by whim, as usual


Tasha said...

I'm thrilled for your recognition for your shop. I just looked through it again and saw some things I love - and had to let you know that all the girls in this house LOVE our hats - I'm thinking about doing family pictures in them this year, when it snows again that is.

Got nothing on the song, which is sad because I'm first, but do have to say that we just had our first dinner where everything except the meat was from bountiful baskets and the compliments started rolling in - and because you mentioned them before, I thought I'd throw that out. YEAH fresh produce!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know the title of the song but I am pretty sure this is from Fiddler on the Roof again.

There is no way I can spell it. I can't spell anything.

amy greenway said...

What? Only two comments before I hop on to check? Kismet!

It is from Fiddler on the Roof and it's that happy beer drinking song! "To Life, to life, lochaiam(no clue on the spelling) Lochaiam lochaiam to life...."

Hmmm, here's a bunch of guesses on the spelling since points are involved. Lochaim, lachaim, lachaiam, lock-hi-yam? I dunno.

After I saw the movie for the first time when I was little I had bad dreams that huge ants were coming to overtake the families and homes in my village, even though I've never really lived in a village. I still loved the musical even though. Yentl is a close second on my "favorite jewish musicals" list. Eric used to make fun of it and call it "Yentl the little jewish bean". Get it yentl, lentil? And I would probably cry in it's defense, being female and all. How's that for TMI?

Carol said...

I think that the correct spelling is "l'chaim". It is a Yiddish word for good wishes. If I am not mistaken, it can also be spelled lechayim.

I'm going for some whim points here. My nephew Stephen is a serious ballet dancer. One of the moments when I knew that he was really good was when I saw him in the Nutcracker as one of the Russian Dancers (he was only 10 or 11 at the time). He pulled off the Russian dance just like the dancers in this scene in the movie. That really impressed me!

Can I also say that when I woke up this morning and saw how beautiful it was (we had 10 inches of snow on Friday) I couldn't help but think of the words to another song from this musical -

Wonder of wonder, miracles of miracles!

It truly seemed miraculous to me that we could have such a beautiful day after such a storm. Topping that off with a wonderful Ward Conference meant the world to me. Thanks for using this musical today. It matched my day perfectly (such a match!)!

Charlotte said...

All right!

Tasha gets one point for a Bountiful Basket Sunday Extravaganza, and one more point because the post in which I mentioned Bountiful Baskets was also associated with "Fiddler on the Roof". Coincidence? I think not.

Total points =2

Melissa gets three points for the name of the Musical

Total points =3

Amy gets 10 points for the correct name of the song. Also one point for naming another musical to signify her own luck in checking the blog to find only two comments. Also another point for the "Eric called it Yentl the little jewish bean" story. I hadn't heard that one before. We had a good laugh about it.

Total points = 12 You cleaned up girl!

Carol gets 3 points for listing one (possibly two) of the correct spellings of the word. Another point for being related to a guy who can do awesome Russian dancing. And, another point for tying another song from this musical into her comment.

Total Points = 5

As long as we're speaking about Russian Dancing, you may be interested to note that when Utah Festival Opera did "Fiddler on the Roof" several years ago, Tomas Kofod (who is best known in LDS circles as the man who played the lead role in "The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd" at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building) played one of the Russian Dancers in this scene. He was quite good. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Russian Dancers, When I was Pirates of Penzance, they decided that during the song "With Cat-Like Tread" they wanted to do a little Russian Ditty Dance while they sing "Come friends who plow the sea . . .) They were attempting to do the squatting and kick out one leg and then switch to the other side. (ya know, where they fold their arms) But it turns out, none of the pirates could do it, however, Jennifer and I could. So we got to spend an entire afternoon teaching the pirates how to. Good Times.

Now to the funny part. The other day, after mentioning Pirates on this blog I tried to teach the kids how to do it. I managed about 2 and then decided after throwing out my hip that those days were over. The kids thought it was pretty funny, Jacob did not.

Switch of Subject - I am so glad that your etsy shop is doing so well. You are a wizard with yarn. We love all of our hats and I don't know how I ever survived without my dish clothes. I also wanted to say Thank You for all of the sweaters and blankets over the years. I realize now, from your shop value, just how much work they take. They are treasures.

Charlotte said...

Melissa--you get two more points for that funny funny story, and another one for hip pain. Heck, I'll give Jake a point too, since it surely made his life a little on the stressful side.

Good times!

Marilynn said...

Charlotte- you said you were looking for birthday cards. I can't promise anything but my sister has an etsy shop and sells what I think are really cute cards. (Of course I may be extremely biased. :D) I have known her to trade. She is Bramble and Vine ( )I love your posts and enjoy seeing what is going on in your life. Thanks!

Charlotte said...


I agree with you--your sister has exceptionally cute cards. I'll contact her! Thanks!

(two more points for the oldies!)

Marilynn said...

Tee, hee, hee this is Marilynn Whitlock (Cowley) who was in the Adams Park Ward with you. :D My sister Barbara (the etsy shop) is in the same ward as Chris & Michelle Johnnie.

Charlotte said...


I had no idea you read the blog!

Your sister is going to think I am such a geek. I sent her this etsy conversation, telling her about how I grew up in Marilynn's ward, blah, blah, blah. Come to find out, it's you!!

Silly silly Charlotte.

Oldies--you just lost two of your points!

Barbara's shop IS beautiful though.

Thanks for the tip!

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