Friday, March 12, 2010

being miserable's gonna be fun

This post is pretty much just to get us off the last post, because if you'll notice in the comments section, things got pretty out of hand there with the point finagling.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I laughed every time I checked the comments. Still do. You guys are a wacky bunch.

* * *

So anyway, the point of this post is to give a little bit of background, so that when I write the post that I'm going to write later, it doesn't end up being fourteen pages long.

It's March. For some reason, this year as March has begun, I've been thinking back to the Marches of my years in high school. March is prime track and field training season. You generally don't have any track meets in the first couple of weeks in March (it's too cold), but by the time March rolls around, you've spent two or three months doing strength training in the weight room and endurance training on long runs, and it's time to start integrating the dreaded interval workouts into the mix.

For the running-uninitiated, interval workouts are horrible, but they really really help a runner to improve. Basically, you run a certain short-ish distance as hard as you can, take a break for a minute or two, and then do it again. You do this several times. Personally, my least favorite workout was when we would have to run ten of the 400-meter dashes (each with a few minutes rest in between). Another ugly one was when we'd run two 200-meters, three 300-meters, four 400-meters, three 200-meters and two 200-meters.

It doesn't sound that bad reading it here, but trust me, it was. I would get tired beyond anything I'd ever known, and sick--oh so sick. Interval workouts were agony. Pure, unadulterated agony. On days when I knew that we'd be doing intervals, I'd start getting a sick dread feeling half-way through Mr. Banks' eighth period Spanish Class, just thinking about how dreadful my life was going to be within about 45 minutes.

quirky 3-10

On the other hand, interval workouts are the classic example of the old adages that nothing good comes easy, and that good things come to those that work for them. Doing those awful awful workouts week in and week out made it possible for me to have some of my most treasured experiences and memories in high school. I'm talking about awards and the thrill of victory, but I'm also talking about friendships and relationships--relationships that have withstood the test of time and miles and different life situations. I'm talking about girls and boys (now women and men) who provided really positive examples for me, examples that I continue to draw on today.

So, I'm grateful that I was able to do those terrible, horrific, agonizing interval workouts. They helped create many of the good parts of who I am today. They taught me lessons I'll never forget. They've been invaluable in my growth and development.

However, it has been nearly twenty years since I've done an interval workout, and if I ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever find myself doing an interval workout again, it will be waaaaaaay too soon.

I guess a coaching career for me is out of the question.

10 points for the name of the song
5 points for the name of the musical from which the song comes
2 points for the name of the character who sings the song

other points awarded by whim


Tasha said...

No clue but I have to laugh because the 10 400s workout was either Monday or Tuesday of this week and my students are SORE. Apparently the fielders even had to do it, and though it is mean, I really, really laugh when they experience such pain just trying to sit down.

Sorry, no silliness from me right now - too much work to do.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so this one threw me for a loop. I thought I knew it and posted my comment. Then after posting I went to find the actual name of the song, since I didn't know it, and got all confused because I couldn't find it under the person I thought sung it. So then I figured, I must be thinking of a different song and deleted my comment. But it kept bugging me so I wen't back to my Spinner where I heard it to see if I could figure it out and low and behold it all makes sense now. I had been listening to a "Concert" version of the song sung by an actress from the show but she never really sang this song in the show. I did have the right show, but not the right person. But I won't repost the show as I had to look this all to get it straight. But I thought maybe taking the time to write this whole process that I went through would win me a pity point.

Have I mentioned how much I love this!!

Jeri said...

Charlotte - I LOVE this game and I am SO amazed at your vast repertoire from every musical under the sun! I don't think I've even heard many of the songs you've used this year. let alone be able to recognize a random line picked from them...

Still loving it, even though I'm not any where in the RUNNING for Champion status. I was laughing SO hard while reading all the comments from the last one. Me thinks you'll never be able to stop hosting MMM - "The sounds of rebellion give way to the furor of a press." (that was my rather pathetic (and cheater)attempt to be like you. I googled for any musical that had the word rebellion in it - and this one ALMOST could fit...(would fit better if you used wordpress instead of blogger, but hey) plus the fact that it was a line from a musical already used in this game this year.

I may have to invest in some musical soundtracks so I can do some training (in intervals, of course) and be better prepared for next year...

Harmony said...

LOL! I vote for points for Jeri wanting to do musical interval workouts!

Carol said...

When I saw the title of this post, I knew I knew it (whew!). But, I just couldn't come up with the title of the song. I'm pretty sure this is from Annie Get Your Gun and if I'm not mistaken that is a Irving Berlin musical. I just won't bet my bottom dollar on it. This feels a little on the wild side to me!

I think my mind is fuddled because today has been a miserable day at work (dealing with Grants Officers from the National Institutes of Health and from my university and trying to get them to agree)! So, I partly agree with the title of the post - I just haven't had the fun part yet.

I'm obviously hoping to get back in on this and for a few mercy points on a Friday afternoon! (At least my weekend looks great because I won't be at work!)

Kami Willis said...

For some reason this song was on a mixed tape I listend to as a teenager. The title of the song is My Defenses are Down, but I have no idea what character sings it in the actual musical. Sad to say I've never seen it. Charlotte your knowledge of music astounds me. This game has turned into quite the event and I'm getting a huge kick out of reading the comments, especially on the last post.

Kami Willis said...

Also, I have to add that I'm grateful to say that I have never done an interval workout and never ever plan to. They sound like torture.

Charlotte said...

My goodness this is fun!

1 point to Tasha for recognizing interval soreness when she sees it

1 point for being a grown-up and avoiding silliness when there is work to be done.

Total points=2

1 point to Melissa for honesty

1 pity point for doing a whole bunch of work for two measly points

Total points=2

2 points to Jeri for creative lyric posting.

1 more point because she posted lyrics that I did not recognize, even though they are from a musical that I used to listen to all the time.

Total points=3

5 points to Carol for Annie Get Your Gun!

2 points for the correct composer!

1 pity point for having a rough day.

Total points = 8

and Kami comes up big again with TEN POINTS for the name of the song.

There are still non-whim points hanging out there for anyone who can name the character who sings the song in the musical.

And, for all of you who are (rightfully) amazed at my musical knowledge, I have to remind you that I work for a company that produces two musicals per year. Space limits being what they are, I've heard many of these songs at least a hundred times as I've listened (through the a/c vents) to rehearsal after rehearsal. I'd love to take credit for brilliance, but you know how you can get songs stuck in your head after hearing them so often? Yeah, that's the secret to my success. A blessing and a curse!

amy greenway said...

Here I come again jumping in last. Typical. Annie's man sings it. Frank whats-his-toes. I never would have got it from the lyrics so I have to thank Kami for the title. I know that Frank sings that song. Does that count?

My kids like the movie. They sing "doin' what comes naturally" like they know what they're talking about. They don't. :)

deutschlehrer said...

1. My aunt's name is Annie, but I don't think she owns a gun--but her man--Bruce what's-his-toes, does. I also know that Annie Oakley, for whom said musical is named, was a part of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show--even though I have never seen the musical.

2. Interval workouts (for me in the fall with cross country) always marked the day that my shin splints flared back up and signaled the end of any (very slim) chance I ever had to win a race.
3. The end of running intervals marked the beginning of swimming intervals--very nearly as miserable.
4. Last summer I was foolish enough to self-inflict some biking intervals in an attempt to get ready for a 100-mile ride. Try pedaling as hard as you can for 10 seconds followed by 5 seconds rest and 10 seconds more of sprinting. . .repeated for 5 minutes. Sheer lunacy. Do I get points for masochism? Or just for stupidity?

deutschlehrer said...

Oh! Oh! I need an alibi for the fiddler on the roof. (I didn't look far enough back when I heard about the contest) I actually personally starred in The Moab Community Production of Fiddler on the Roof in 1982. Okay, I didn't actually have a name per se, but I was the boy matched up with Tevye's youngest daughter (On whom I had the BIGGEST crush, until she shot me down--mostly because I was a big geek then, too). My dad played the Russian Constable and grew a mustache for the part (which he kept for over 10 years). I did, however sing in all the songs that required a chorus (Traditions, Sunrise Sunset, and much, much more) AND unlike some junior musical performers, I did not Lip sync.


Jake said...

A little background on this musical: Annie Butler, for whom the musical is written, lived around the turn of the century. She actually has something in common with another person in our little game here.

You see Annie Butler is actually redheaded Annie from orphanage fame. She met up with Doc Brown in 1955 and was hiding in the back seat of the Delorian when it was struck by lightning sending her back to 1885 with Doc Brown.

When they got to 1885 she caught a train to Ohio and the rest is history.

Daddy Warbucks saw the original production in 1946 and was disgusted by the liberal movement portrayed by the plot. Little did he know the story was all about his precious Orphan Annie.

You can find verification for all this information if you look it up on Jakeipidea.

Charlotte said...

Two points to Amy for correctly naming the character who sings the song--Frank Butler, a/k/a Frank whats-his-toes.

Another point for letting me imagine Nate, Eli, and Cecily dancing around singing "doin' what comes naturally" as if they know what it means, which leads me to think about Nate recommending "Space Chimps" to unsuspecting strangers, AND telling Eli that there is no sweeter ride than in an Oldsmobile. What a crack up!

Total points = 3

And then there's Jeff, a/k/a deutshlashchebielsiohkklin:

1 point for the Aunt Annie and knowing important bits of trivia about Annie Oakley and the Wild West Show

2 points for enduring intervals as a full-grown adult. If you're going to do something that painful/dumb, you should at least have something to show for it.

1 point for joining my mother and his father in the ranks of people who have been actual cast members in Fiddler on the Roof productions.

1 point for not lip syncing.

Total Points = 5

2 points for "Jakeipidea"--best laugh of this post so far.

2 more points for wild imagination, incorporating Annie Get Your Gun, Back to the Future and The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow Annie all into the same story. That took some finagling, but no one finagles better than Jacob.

Total Points = 4

And now, I'm introducing another player/team into the game. We'll call this team "The Oldies". So far, this team consists of my mom, my dad, and Jeff's mom and dad. They haven't spoken up on the blog yet, but I know for a fact that two of them are lurking rather religiously, and I think it's time they got a little more involved than they've been. So,

1 point to "The Oldies" for Barbara Corry's involvement in a production of Fiddler on the Roof.

1 point to "The Oldies" for Scott Packer's involvement in a production of Fiddler on the Roof.

1 more point to "The Oldies" for Marilyn Packer being good-natured about Scott Packer keeping a Fiddler on the Roof mustache for 10 years past closing night.

1 point to Bob Corry for reading "The Undaunted", without which about four people would be out several points, even though the book has absolutely nothing to do with a musical of any kind.

We'll have to wait to see if Brigadoon comes up in the mix to see if Bob Corry gets any points for his big stage moment.

Total Points = 4

Makin' the rules up as we go along never felt so good.


Jake said...

Happy birthday. I hope you did something fun.

Dad P said...

Jeff has sucked us in. Yes, I was in Fiddler but I forgot my lines one night. Do I loose my points for that? And also, when I shaved my my mustache off I hade to tell the woman next to me (Marilyn, the one who didn't like it) that it was gone!

deutschlehrer said...

In the Episode of Mistery Science Theather 3000 that I just watched from Netflix (Hercules against the Moonmen) The Robot "Crow"(one of the captives aboard the spaceship forced to watch all these bad movies) quotes Mandy Patinkin saying "My name is Inigo Montoya. You Keeled my father, prepare to die." Points to Harmony because he did not say in a sharp stacato "Hallo"

Charlotte said...

Jeff--you CAN'T award points to Harmony!! That's essentially awarding points to yourself!

Geez! We have to have SOME rules around here!

Jeff said...

it was only a suggestion. The right to award points is, of course, yours, and I would not deem to usurp that right. Humble apologies.

Charlotte said...

Well, okay then. I'm mollified now. And just to show that there are no hard feelings, I give you a point for humility.

(Something I'm obviously lacking at the moment.)


Carol said...

I have to correct myself from yesterday. Carol Channing did not star in a movie version of Hello Dolly! I saw portions of the STAGE version on PBS and I think that is where I got confused. (This started bugging me this morning, so I had to go check!)

I apologize for promoting false information in such an important contest! Carol Channing is probably mad as well as the movie role going to Barbara was kind of a 'slap in the face'. Kind of like how Julie Andrews played Liza in the stage version of My Fair Lady but the screen role was given to Audrey Hepburn!

I hope I don't lose my Carol Channing point - that was a nice one!

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