Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Thank You, Football Fanatics

I just got back from our weekly grocery store trip.

Avacados were on sale for THIRTY-SEVEN CENTS EACH!!!

So, I bought twelve.
quirky 2-10

Hello Guacamole!


Scott and Amy said...

Hi Charlotte, Will you send me your recipe for Guacamole or will you post it on your blog. Or did you already post it before? If so, please direct me to it. I have had a recent love affair with avacados! Yummy! -- Amy

Charlotte said...

Actually, I used to put in chili powder and onions and tomatoes (no set amount, just to taste), but then we "progressed" to just buying one of those 99 cent guacamole mixes that you can get in the produce department.

Then, one day I experimented with just using taco seasoning, and we found that we like that best, and it's cheaper. The only thing is, it makes our guacamole orange-y brown, which we don't mind, but others might not really like.

Now we use about 1/4 of a package of fajita seasoning, and just mix it in with chopped avacados.

Here's a great video of how to chop up the avacado--so much easier than peeling first!


Also--when you get the guacamole made, if you'll save the pit and put it in the middle of it all until you're ready to serve, it will keep it all from going brown as fast. I have no idea why.

Good luck!

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