Wednesday, February 10, 2010

it's the little things

quirky 2-10
My man cheeses it up with a random assortment of nieces and nephews


The kitchen. Charlotte, Eric, & Heather are finishing up dinner. Charlotte is putting things away in the fridge, Eric is leaning against the counter, eating guacamole (of course). Heather, who has been in her high chair about 10 minutes too long is whining and wanting to get out.

CHARLOTTE (to Eric): Hey, will you . . .

(stops, thinks a minute)

CHARLOTTE: Umm, so would you rather clean Heather up and get her out of the chair or load the dishwasher?

ERIC (warily): Which would you rather I do?

CHARLOTTE (unconcerned): It really doesn't matter either way to me.

ERIC: It doesn't matter to me either.

CHARLOTTE: Okay, well, go ahead and do whichever you'd rather do. Really, I'm good either way.

ERIC: Okay. I'll empty the dishwasher.

CHARLOTTE (surprised): You will?

ERIC: Yup.

CHARLOTTE: You know that's the harder job, right? The one that's going to take longer, right?

ERIC (with a smile that is both cheesy and proud): Uh-huh.

Charlotte gives Eric a great big grateful smile and proceeds to clean Heather up, all the while telling her of her hopes that when Heather is older she will find a husband as great as her mommy found, but that hopefully she won't have to wait until she is 36 years old to do it.

(Charlotte also resolves that the next time she's lying in bed feeling unsettled and disturbed, rather than waking Eric up to ask him whether or not he still loves her, she'll remember this moment and let Eric sleep.)


Valentines Day came early for me this year.

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