Wednesday, February 17, 2010

in which I show you all my glass house

quirky 2-10

Tonight Eric and I watched Helvetica on our computer, via our Netflix subscription. Eric (who had already seen the film) had been wanting me to see it for a few weeks now, and tonight I relented. I thought it was a fitting activity for the evening, because:

#1: Helvetica is an independent film that tracks the history and future of one of the most ubiquitous fonts that there has ever been.

#2: Our friend Phil Kesler was a graphic designer and professor of graphic design, not to mention an incurable connoisseur of fonts for most, if not all, of his grown-up life.

In light of recent events, it seemed a timely tribute.

It would have been a better tribute and a more meaningful story if I were to write here that I found the film riveting, entrancing, and spectacular, but I'm afraid I did not. Mostly, I tried to keep my mind from wandering during those ninety minutes.

I guess I'm just not all that intrigued by typography.

Let's be clear on one thing though. I fully recognize that I have no room to talk. I am an accountant, after all. Does anyone (and I do mean anyone) think for one moment that I can possibly criticize another vocation for not being interesting enough, and have a leg to stand on?

quirky 2-10

Not a chance.

[helvetica image can be found here]
[general ledger accounting image can be found here]


Tasha said...

Thank you for helping me remember why I'm an English teacher, why I avoided taking accounting at all costs in both high school and college, and why I told Enoch when he started his business that there was absolutely no way I was going to do his books.

Bamamoma said...

Awesome. I love that I am not the only person I know who has seen Helvetica! (also glad I'm not the only one who didn't really love it)

Michelle said...

SOunds boring! I don't think I will be seeing it!

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