Friday, February 26, 2010

a confession and an announcement

First, for the confession:

quirky 2-10

THIS is what our bathroom looks like right now.

This week I discovered the joy of buying cheap wool sweaters at the thrift store, taking them apart, washing the skeins and re-claiming nice expensive yarn at bargain basement prices.


It's actually a pretty time-intensive process, but at the moment, it's a process I enjoy. So, we'll see how long it lasts.

We only have one full bathroom, so the fact that Eric is completely fine with having skeins of sopping wet yarn dripping into our only bathtub is something worthy of report.

(What it really means is that the next time I see a man-sock, or a robot, or a computer book, or a glass of diet Pepsi sitting around in a place where it doesn't belong, I'm going to bite my tongue. In fact, I'd probably better bite my tongue for at least a month.)

( I might have to stock up on soothing lozenges.)

And now for the announcement:

february 2-10

By popular demand (of one),

Midwinter Musical Madness is Back!!!

We start next week.

I haven't decided what day next week yet, so you'll just have to tune in.

The prize package for the winner will be even better than last year's package, if you can believe it. Not only will the winner receive bragging rights, a place of honor on the sidebar, a non-birthday poetry post, AND an autographed copy of Be Still My Soul just like last year, BUT this year, the lucky winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Salutations! Crochet Treasures as well!

What could be better?

You'll want to head on over here (skip to the paragraph that starts with "Have you noticed that the titles . . . ") and refresh yourself on the rules.

See you next week!

[image of dreamy-eyed talented musical singers can be found here]


Tasha said...

Yea!!! While I'm certain Melissa will again kick my butt, I'm sure willing to try to answer as many as I can and will use my full creativity and skills of manipulation to at least get a podium finish.

Harmony said... chance did you hear the same NPR story I did?

I thought of you when I heard it. :-) Yay for recycling!

Jeri said...

(Don't tell Melissa... I want to win this year!) just kidding, it was fun last year even as a LOSER, and I can't wait to play again!

about the yarn - I think you are NUTS! - and my suggestion to Eric si that he may want to invest in some colored tape so he can start claiming part of the bathroom (and other rooms as needed) as his own;)

Anonymous said...

First the Olympics and now the Midwinter Musical Madness, everything is coming up Melissa.

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