Friday, January 08, 2010

why I still use a baby monitor for my almost 16-month old

Today's entry from the gratitude journal:

"It's 7:32 (a.m.). I'm sitting in my rocking chair. The light therapy light is on, I've just spent 15 minutes* working out, and I'm listening to Heather babble to herself on the baby monitor.

quirky 1-10
Life is good. "

*I try to get a 30-minute walk or yoga session in before Heather wakes up in the morning. However, quite frequently weather, illness, teeth (as in Heather's coming in), and/or malfunctioning alarm clocks thwart my plans. I used to completely give up whenever that would happen, but lately I've been trying the "fifteen (or ten or twenty) minutes is better than zero minutes" approach. So far, so good.

**The picture doesn't exactly relate to the post, but aren't those two cute? (Say yes, please.)

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