Thursday, January 28, 2010

We've Made a Decision

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Eric and I have been spending our evenings this week watching online episodes of The Amazing Race.

It's been fun, and relaxing, and an all-around enjoyable experience.


We both agree that none of you will ever ever ever ever ever see us on The Amazing Race.

We both feel that we have a pretty good marriage, with pretty good communication, and pretty complimentary senses of humor.

But, are we willing to let television cameras follow us around the world allowing the nation to analyze us as we endure one stressful situation after another?

Not even for a million dollars.

(Just in case you were wondering.)


Melissa J. Cunningham said...

Hey girl! I awarded you The Lovely Blog Award. Come by and pick it up!

Laura Eve said...

Being constantly stalked is a good point. That could get awkward.

Top Chef would be fun, that's good too cause they only really follow what you do in the kitchen. Good Choice. I also think HGTV design star would be super great.

thanks for your comments!

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