Friday, January 01, 2010

I don't want to start putting Christmas away yet, so I'm blogging instead

Happy New Year!

I'm sitting at the computer, alternating between coughing into my sleeve and blowing my nose into the super-soft-lotion-infused tissues that I was inspired to purchase shortly before Christmas (a small Christmas miracle, that).

Eric is at Borders, presumably spending the gift card that he received from my brother and his wife. Heather is gleefully destroying the living room.

Seriously. I just took a quick glance her way, and she's found her way into the box that had our Christmas presents and some of the wrapping paper. The living room is now strewn with gift bags, tissues, toys, books, and pajamas. Now she has found her way to the shoe basket near the door, and has begun the arduous process of distributing footwear to the four corners of our downstairs.

Sometimes, it's just really hard to care, you know?

So, since we're practicing procrastination and avoidance today, I thought I'd post some pictures of fifteen of my favorite minutes that transpired in my parents home on December 26.

(If you'd like a little background, you might look back to this post. Or, if you're feeling lazy, I'll just remind you that my family is quite competitive, and we are able to make a contest out of pretty much anything. And with that, I think you can figure it all out from here.)

quirky 1-10

I saved my favorite for last. I call this one:


(Get it? Remember Frosty the Snowman? "With a corncob pipe and a button nose and two eyes made out of coal?"
I'm killin' me here!)

And I think that pretty much proves that it's naptime for both Heather and me.



Bamamoma said...

has your family ever considered making Santa's sleigh from paper clips, Andes mints, and tape ... and then, of course, racing them? Perhaps the Corrys and Keslers could have quite a fun holiday.

I'm sorry you are sick - glad for the Christmas miracle.

Anonymous said...

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