Monday, January 11, 2010


Things may be a little sporadic around here for awhile.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, a little overstressed, a little like I need to sit down and have a chat with myself about what are the things I have to do, what are the things I like to do, and what are the things that don't exactly fit in either of those two buckets.

(But just a little. I'm learning that life is better for all of us when I try to nip these things in the bud. So, it's just a little.)

Blogging is one of those things that isn't an easy fit either place.

It's definitely a like-to, but sometimes it feels a little bit like a have-to, and you remember my rule about that, right?

So, I'm not going on blogging vacation or anything like that, but I AM giving myself permission to go a week or more without posting anything. I'm also giving myself permission to post things that are boring, not funny, funny only to me, short, long, or whatever.

(I know--now you're thinking, "Well, with the exception of going for a week without posting, What exactly is going to be different from what you do now?")

Nothing. Nothing at all.

And now that I've gone through the trouble of posting this, I'll probably be once again seized with the blogging bug, and you'll see post after post here of witty tales of quirky-ness starting tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.

Or maybe not.

I guess we'll just have to see.


Jake said...

I'm starting to wonder if blogging isn't just one of those seasons of my life and that season may be over. We'll see.

Robert said...

Blogging a season huh Jake.

For me that season is kind of like winter in Hawaii.

Charlotte said...

I'm trying not to be offended that essentially the only time Robert comments on my blog is when he's trying to give a MESSAGE to JACOB!!!


Tasha said...

I'm kindof feeling that way - I check my blog daily, but it is more of an escapism to see what others are doing and trying to feel inspired and not stressed...

Heather Albee-Scott said...

Charlotte - this has nothing to do with this post, but awhile back you wrote that you worked out using the steps of your home and that idea came to me when I needed some exercise, so I've been at it for over a week and man, what a great workout! My hubby and I are friends with Eric...known him for years. Thank you for the great exercise tip!!

Heather Albee-Scott said...

I ran into Eric at the Logan Library months ago and he told me about your blog...I hope you don't mind that I've been perusing it, I LOVE blogs!! You have a witty style of writing and it's fun to hear of your adventures raising Heather...I miss those days, our little girl is almost 10 years old! Also, as a non-Mormon in Utah, I appreciate reading about the dominant religion as a way for me to better understand it.

We should get together sometime! Maybe an outing to a park when it warms up. We adopted 3 dogs, so our house is crazy, otherwise we'd have you here...but it smells and is absolutely nuts!

I did the stairs yesterday and was slightly dizzy afterward, but I feel great today! :)

Charlotte said...


Now that you mention it, I remember Eric telling me about seeing you in the library and telling you about the blog. I absolutely don't mind you perusing it, and I hope you don't mind me perusing your blog as well (as a Mormon who's lived in Utah nearly my entire life, your non-Mormon Utahn perspective is especially enlightening to me)

The park would be great--or the three of you are welcome to our home sometime if we don't want to wait that long. (my e-mail is

I've only done the stairs twice since I last posted that. I need to get back to it.

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