Tuesday, December 08, 2009

He thinks he looks like an alien . . .

. . . but I think he looks like a really fun guy.

quirky 12-09

quirky 12-09

Yes, I'm still posting photos from our Christmas-tree-harvesting trip. I can't help myself. There were too many fun ones.

Life continues to be good for us. I'm working on a duet to sing as part of our Ward Christmas Program on the 20th of December. The song is called "Angels Carol" by John Rutter. The music is beautiful, AND to make it even better, the other half of my duet sings beautifully and is a dream to work with. Merry Christmas to me!

And that's what I have for today.


Jeri said...

I love that song/arrangement. Laura and I have done it together. (had to tweak one spot so I could avoid a few HIGH notes...)

Harmony said...

Good old John Rutter. It's really, really hard to beat his Christmas carols.

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