Monday, December 07, 2009

fifteen years


Fifteen years ago today I returned from my mission.

I suppose that should make me feel old, but it doesn't all that much.

However, if you would have told me back in 1994 that in fifteen years I'd just barely be done being a newlywed, and that I'd have one child, a 15-month old?

I would have freaked out.

On the other hand, if you would have told me back in 1994 that in fifteen years I'd have true love, an adorable daughter, a great, flexible job, awesome in-laws, as many opportunities to sing as I could manage, and more friends and happy memories than I would ever be able to count?

I would have danced with joy.

♥ ♥

In other news, the Christmas tree is up, the decorations (as many as I decided to take out of the box anyway) are out, much of our Christmas shopping is done, and tamale-making is on tap for this weekend, IF I can find a sale on pork roast this week. I threw away all the sale circulars though, so that might be a little problematic.

Saturday Eric and I went on a date (but we took Heather along) to do a little bit of Christmas shopping. We had a few nephews to buy for and while I feel quite confident in shouldering the niece gifts, I always turn the nephew gifts over to Uncle Eric. We had a great time together, and were able to pick up some fun things. Christmas is going to be fun this year.

I'm afraid this entry isn't as thought-filled or well-written as some of what I've posted here in the past, but I'm out of time, and this is what I have. But here: To reward you for reading the whole post, I'll give you another picture. Even better, I'll give you what is probably the very best picture of my lustrous chestnut tresses that has ever been taken. Pay no attention to that loud, obnoxious, striped skirt, and focus your attention on those locks. It's times like this that I think I might have missed my calling in life.

I should have been a Pantene model.

You know I'm kidding, right? You KNOW I don't really think I should be or should have been a model of any kind right? You KNOW that while I'm narcissistic enough to maintain a blog and hope that people will read it, I'm really not THIS narcissistic, right?



Jeri said...

Oh I don't know - I think the Pantene models should feel seriously threatened - especially if you show up at tryouts with the bike helmet;)

in all seriousness - you DO look lovely in that photo. (my window just happened to be set exactly so I could see your HAIR, face, and shirt, but not the skirt, and before I even read the preceding paragraph I thought to myself, "that is a great picture of Charlotte." Really, I promise I did! then while reading, I had to scroll down and check out the skirt. It really is something else... Time sure flies, eh? Hard to believe it's been that long, seems like just yesterday!

Harmony said...

Your lustrous locks are almost as beautiful as your smile. But sister missionary clothes aren't what they used to be--thank goodness! :-)

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