Monday, November 16, 2009

Ready for another theme week?

I've decided that it is once again time for a little bit of blog fun.

See, two nights ago, I was lying in bed, thinking about this blog. Specifically, I was toying with the idea of posting some of my favorite YouTube videos here for awhile. I ran the idea past my official blog advisor (which, in case you were wondering, said blog advisor just might be having a birthday today), and he thought it was a great idea. I needed no further encouragement, and so with that I declare that . . .

It's random video week here in quirksville.

We'll start things out with what I think is probably my all-time favorite video that I've ever seen on YouTube. My thanks go out to Heidi who told me about it first, and a few others who post it on their Facebook pages to remind me of it from time to time.

Even if you've already seen it before, I highly recommend a repeat view. That's how good it is.

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

Harmony said...

Okay, that is just amazingly, gigglingly funny!

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